Lyons pump track is ready for action!

This weekend is the Lyons Outdoor Games pump track race. Last weekend we gave the pump track two days of much needed love.

Local volunteer turnout was abysmal, but we had enough regional horsepower to get the job done.

Turbo manual-labor thanks to Matt, Pat, George, Jeff, Keith, Jim, Will and Spandrew

Turbo prize-donation thanks to:
• Jason Emmanuel from Specialized Bicycle Components
• Farid Tabaian from Singletrack Maps
• Matt Allen from ZEROGOO

• Re-built the four berms.
• Smoothed the transition between the northeast berms.
• Removed rocks.
• Prepped (and ripped) the track.

The new, steeper berms make the track feel a lot faster. At the last LOG, the fastest two-lap time was 18.0 seconds. On Sunday I ran a 17.5.

More photos — and video — at the Lee Likes Bikes Facebook page. Thanks Matt for the photos and Pat for the Facebook video.

Chop up the old berms with a pick.

Pile fresh dirt on top of the berms.

Water, shape and pack.


More photos — and video — at the Lee Likes Bikes Facebook page.

If you watch the video, check out the second to last corner. I cruise two laps slowly then hit that turn extra hard (you can hear the kung fu sound). Check out the speed increase. Pretty fun.

Learn more about the Lyons Outdoor Games pump track race

Know more. Have more fun!

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