What is the best pump track bike?

Hi Lee,

how are you?

I’m writing from Italy and I have just a simple question: in your opinion, what is the best pump track bike?

many thanks in advance

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Hi Andrea,

This is a popular question.

Simple answer: The best pump track bike is the one you own. I’ve had lots of fun pump tracking on a Stumpjumper FSR, Stumpjumper hardtail, P.3, BMX 24-inch cruiser, BMX 20-inch and even a 29er. My current pump track bike is Captain America, a specially built Stumpjumper hardtail. It fits like my trail bikes, and I can ride it everywhere. It’s not as ideal for pump tracking as the P.3, but I ride it a lot, and that makes it good for me.

Captain America!

If you want a bike exclusively for pump track riding, and you’re a mountain biker, you will love a DJ hardtail like a Specialized P.bike. Lots of companies make DJ bikes, but I’m a Specialized test rider, so I’m all about the P.bikes.

It’s hard to beat a P.3 for pure pump track braaap.

If you’re open minded and skilled, or you can’t afford a DJ hardtail, consider a BMX bike. Awkward MTB nerds should start on 24-inch cruisers. Once you learn the cruiser, you can step down (up) to the quick handling of a 20″. I ride an Intense Factory Alloy 24 and 20. Both great bikes for the money. When you learn to ride them correctly on a smooth track, BMX bikes feel way faster than mountain bikes.

Master the 24 …

… then try the 20.

Rip it,

— Lee

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