Spreading the braaap gospel

I’m in the Cabella’s parking lot in Reno (gotta check out the aquarium with the largemouth bass — so rad), taking care of work and saying “Whew!”

It’s been a heck of a two weeks:

Drive from Colorado to SoCal. Pull over just outside Fruita, call into the Superior town meeting to explain my bike park design. They were stoked (I think; it’s hard to know over the phone).

Build, ride and teach on a new pump track in Riverside for the SoCal high school MTB league. That was sweet.

Drive to NorCal. Session the Fox Racing Shox pump track with Jim Norman and the Fox crew. Rippers all.

Ride Santa Cruz with Doctor Norman. He took me down one of the more hectic DH trails. He was on a Mojo HD; I was on Captain America. I got punished.

Wednesday teach in Pleasanton. Thursday do a private pump track consult and teach in Marin. Friday teach in Marin. Saturday teach in San Jose. Sunday teach in Marin. Lots of adults, kids and high school coaches got stoked and braaaped.

While all this is happening, wrangle software developers in Minsk, Belarus. Work with them late at night and early in the morning. Sleep is for people who have time for warmups. Today we successfully re-launched www.ShipYourReptiles.com with FedEx (instead of UPS). I am beat but proud.

Today had a great meeting with Backshop enterprise commercial mortgage origination software in Sausalito. I design the app and handle pretty much everything humans touch. We just made some big sales; this year looks like it will kick ass.

Just checked out the bass. They are rad. Time to drive eastward.

I hope everyone is well.


— Lee