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Reader mail: This made my day

I got a nice email today, the kind that validates the Mission (with a capital M).

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Saying what needs to be said

Bless that Bobbi Watt. She’ll do it with kindness, but she’ll say exactly what needs to be said.

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“The Worth-While Ride”

Last Spring I coached a good fellow named Roger Mooney in Reno, NV. Roger is a dedicated rider, but he’s even more dedicated to his family. Sometimes he gets to combine his loves. Here’s an essay by 10-year-old Joshua.
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Pump track for sale

Turns: 7

Rollers: 13

Price: $568,500 obo

Includes: 3,349 square-foot, 5 bed, 4 bath, 3-car-garage house

I pray that a rider will buy my pump track (I’ll throw in the house); otherwise I have to level the love. This a great place for a family, perfectly situated in Boulder, CO.
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Life with a capital L

Hi all. I just added a new article category — “Life with a capital L”

There’s so much going on these days. Between the divorce and re-committing to my life path, I’m learning a ton (whether I want to or not!).

Here’s the first installment.
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