“The Worth-While Ride”

Last Spring I coached a good fellow named Roger Mooney in Reno, NV. Roger is a dedicated rider, but he’s even more dedicated to his family. Sometimes he gets to combine his loves. Here’s an essay by 10-year-old Joshua.


Still enjoy the site on a regular basis. Sorry to hear about all the struggles you’re facing. The posts regarding your life’s situations has me, and a lot of other people, thinking a bit. It’s great when passions and blisses line up and collide in a spectacular convergence.

Here’s what I’m talking about: My family comes first. We play a lot and sometimes I have to cancel bike plans to make time for them. Often, I’m able to ride with them. My 10-year-old son wrote a school paper about one of these rides. He didn’t think much of it, but it put a big smile on my face. Hopefully it can do the same for you. Hope you have a great day. Happy Riding.


“The Worth-While Ride”

By Joshua Mooney

“Finally!” I gleefully exclaimed as my sisters left the house. My dad and I got our mountain bikes and headed down the street to a bike track. Right when we got into the man’s backyard we started riding the pump track. A pump track is a track that has hills, sharp turns, and is made of dirt.

A while later we were soaked in sweat. I gladly went home to get a tropical fruit energy drink. I headed back to the track right after that.

We rode the track for awhile then went and rode around the school once. We then headed toward Pah Rah Park. On our first lap, we stopped and my dad showed me how to hop up onto a curb without getting off my bike. In a short time I got the helpful hint. We did two more laps and my dad and I flew across the park like a spanking, new red Ferrari. Then we raced each other home and, of course, he won.

We were joyful about what we did when we got home. My four sisters were home, questioning where I went.
In the morning I became so sore but proud of the exhausting two hours of riding my GT mountain bike.

Joshua, well done!

www.joshualikebikes.com ??? 🙂

— Lee

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