Saying what needs to be said

Bless that Bobbi Watt. She’ll do it with kindness, but she’ll say exactly what needs to be said.

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At the indoor BMX the other day, I did a ton of practice with Petr Hanak. Petr is too humble to say this, so I will: He was the Czech national BMX champion back when Mikal Prokop was still coming up, and last year he won the overall MSC pro gravity title. Petr is very good at bike riding.

Before the race we practiced starts. We raced to the first turn, first one to win 10 takes the title; the other guy has to man up and talk to this one MILF. The score wound up 10-2 in Petr’s favor, but I was pretty close and getting better all the time.

After the race, we sparred. (I taught him that word.) He’d let me leave the gate then try to catch me by the third straight. I was getting a good first straight, but he consistently outpowered me on the second straight. It was very impressive.

On the way home I was telling Bobbi Watt about this. “I feel really strong and fast, but it seems like Petr is making 10 percent more power than me,” I said. “I mean, at this point can I even get 10 percent stronger? Wouldn’t that be really hard to do?”

Bobbi is a certified personal trainer at One Boulder Fitness and a heck of a racer; she knows about these things. She thought for a second then said, “That’s true, it’s really hard for a highly trained athlete to gain 10 percent more power.” She paused. “But you could lose 10 percent of your body weight.”

Ouch! So true.

I realize I eat more than I should — for reasons other than nutrition — but I’m not ready to face those demons.

Just got back from Safeway with two pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Guess I better work on that power.

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  1. Bob Burnes says:

    It’s time, Lee, to get started on that MTB STS program. 😀

    BRAAAP until the break of dawn, bro. Chains will be shakin’ in their boxes.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    MILF: A whole lot of nothing. She had really closed body language; a hello is as far as that went.

  3. Keith says:

    Dude, it’s your job to get her to change the body language to say “hey there big fella, wanna share some B&J’s at my place” REMEMBER Lee all they can say is NO, go away!

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Yep, that does appear to be all they can say … 😉

    It’s a brave new world my friends, a brave new world.

  5. albino rhino says:

    I see an new book on the horizon “Mastering Pimping skills” Written by Lee & Snoop Dogg, with contributor, Grand Master Flash! Enjoy the brave new world, there are lots of cuties where you live, and in Fort Collins.

  6. Zach says:

    Yo Lee, Let me be honest with you. It’s not about loosing anything. It’s about learning how to use what you got. B&J’s is a great diet and 10% more weight just means 10% more power pumping down the backside of them there jumps. Like the old saying goes, “It’s not the size of the ship that matters, It’s the motion of the ocean”. And the same goes for racing.

  7. Aplha TeSelle says:

    Dude your so money and you dont even know it!! Chicks are like these little furry rabbits and you have these big claws, dude your SO money!

  8. Biscuit says:

    “Yep, that does appear to be all they can say …”

    Ahhh, that totally made me laugh. I’m gonna find a way to swing that into a pickup line.

    Me: So, I’ve got a bet going with some friends that the most common word out of a good looking girls mouth is “no.”

    Her: No.

    Me: Sweet! You just won me ten bucks, can I buy you a drink?

  9. Chris says:

    Lee, your problem may not be power, but genetics which has determined you slow/fast twitch muscle fibre ratio. Your book says you beat Lopes in lat pull down, so I guess you are mostly fast twitch, but maybe Petr is more ‘fast twitch’ than you.

  10. Scott says:

    It’s a very long trip from a B&J after practicing race starts, to Bantu land. And it all depends on your goals. If you want to rip, then you certainly don’t need to be sitting at 5% body-fat and more susceptible to every little cold that comes around.

  11. leelikesbikes says:

    Scott: Dude you remember everything.

    Everyone: As a teen I was heavy, and it was all on my rear end. My dad called me Bantu Butt. The Bantu tribe exhibits a trait called “steatopygia,” in which they store fat on their hindquarters.

    That s— is still with me.


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