Spinning with flat pedals?

Hey Lee,
Looks like you had a great trip to Fruita and Grand Junction! I would like to know if you (well not you, normal human mountain bikers) can spin with platform pedals????

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Flat pedals enable wayward body English for random fun, and I guarantee Elliott Hoover can spin better than most “clippies.”

Hi John,

Fruita/Grand Junction was awesome. As my friend Evan says, “Lee, I have to schedule work, or it doesn’t get done. You, you have to schedule fun.”

Spinning with platforms: Yes, but it takes practice.

At first I could barely keep my feet on the dang things. Now I can spin at 150+ rpm on smooth ground and maintain 100+ rpm on mixed terrain.

One thing I’ve noticed: The higher your rpm (within reason), the easier it is to stay in contact with the pedal. At a slothish 60 rpm, the upstroke takes 0.5 second, and it’s easy to lift your foot off the pedal. At a spritely 120 rpm, the upstroke is only 0.25 second, and your foot is much less likely to lift off.

Your foot might go flying in some other direction, but that’s why we practice. Use good pedals, wear sticky shoes and ride flats every chance you get. Practice spinning as fast as you can in the saddle, then standing.

Rock. How about that action?

— Lee

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