2006 or 2007 TALAS for 2003 Enduro?


I am finally settling on buying a Fox Talas RLC fork for my 2003 5″ travel Enduro. Now the 2007 Fox Talas goes right from 120mm to 140mm but the 2006 max’s out at 130.

Should I do a mad hunt for a 2006 Talas and stick to 130mm of travel, or bump it to 140mm in front with a 2007 Talas??? Will this slack the head angle too much??



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Rocking the 2003 S-Works Enduro back in Norcal. Technique point: Note how far forward I am, how compressed the fork is and the fact the front tire is tracking while the rear is drifting. And the crazy facial expression.

Hi Brian,

That bike came with a 120mm fork, so both choices will raise the front end from stock.

I ran my 2003 Enduro with the shock mount in the low-BB setting and with a custom shock that lowered the BB — significantly slackening the head angle. That was a matter of taste; I rode that bike like a mini DH rig, and I loved the slackness.

The 2006 TALAS adjusts infinitely from 90 to 130mm.

The 2007 TALAS has three steps: 100, 120 and 140mm.

Hmm. … Now that I’ve thought about this, I’d rock the 2007 model. You can run it low when you want a steeper head angle, and you can slack it out for more aggressive DH.

The Mighty Enduro. Still mighty.

Also, you can switch the shock mount to raise the BB and steepen the head angle, but I wouldn’t do that. Repeat after me: Low and slack.

To recap: You can make the 2007 TALAS low enough for good climbing, and you can make it tall enough for aggressive descending — or you can run it in the middle. I see no downside.

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— Lee

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