2006 or 2007 TALAS for 2003 Enduro?


I am finally settling on buying a Fox Talas RLC fork for my 2003 5″ travel Enduro. Now the 2007 Fox Talas goes right from 120mm to 140mm but the 2006 max’s out at 130.

Should I do a mad hunt for a 2006 Talas and stick to 130mm of travel, or bump it to 140mm in front with a 2007 Talas??? Will this slack the head angle too much??



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Rocking the 2003 S-Works Enduro back in Norcal. Technique point: Note how far forward I am, how compressed the fork is and the fact the front tire is tracking while the rear is drifting. And the crazy facial expression.

Hi Brian,

That bike came with a 120mm fork, so both choices will raise the front end from stock.

I ran my 2003 Enduro with the shock mount in the low-BB setting and with a custom shock that lowered the BB — significantly slackening the head angle. That was a matter of taste; I rode that bike like a mini DH rig, and I loved the slackness.

The 2006 TALAS adjusts infinitely from 90 to 130mm.

The 2007 TALAS has three steps: 100, 120 and 140mm.

Hmm. … Now that I’ve thought about this, I’d rock the 2007 model. You can run it low when you want a steeper head angle, and you can slack it out for more aggressive DH.

The Mighty Enduro. Still mighty.

Also, you can switch the shock mount to raise the BB and steepen the head angle, but I wouldn’t do that. Repeat after me: Low and slack.

To recap: You can make the 2007 TALAS low enough for good climbing, and you can make it tall enough for aggressive descending — or you can run it in the middle. I see no downside.

Let there be BRAAAP!

— Lee

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  1. nathan says:

    and the ’07 enduro also has an easier adjustment. i had a talas for a while and i wouldn’t adjust it that much just because it took a while to spin the dial, but the ’07 model has a three position flick switch, so you only need to move one thing once to get the right travel.

  2. Bob Burnes says:

    I actually run the 2007 TALAS on my 4X race bike. Coming off of a oil and spring fork, I wasn’t sure if air was the right choice, but the TALAS has proven to be super strong, very stable, and I dig me some lock out option with the blow off.

    I’ve seen the ’06 and I’ve ridden it. The ’07 is the option I’d choose over and over again.

  3. SoCal AL says:

    Too weird, I just put a Fox 36 Talas on a customer’s 2004 Enduro S-works. I thought it would slacken the head tube out too much, but it suited his riding style perfectly. In the low travel setting the head angle is almost the same and now he can ride more aggressive terrain with the flick of a switch. I took it for a spin and loved the way it felt. I went and dug out my old 2003 Enduro and put a new 36 on it. Too many bikes.

  4. leelikesbikes says:


    Yesterday I spun my P.3 up Boulder Canyon to a shuttleable DH trail and pinned it hardtail style. It was SO FUN!!! So many bikes, so many way to love it …

  5. SoCal AL says:

    My P.3 just got small block 8’s put on and I am in love with these tires. As soon as we get the OC pump track finished I’ll send pics!

  6. Trevor says:

    ok ur worrying about 10mm of travel and what it will do the angles!!

    just think how much 10mm is!!! and then think ur gonna run about 25% sag, so its really 7.5mm,

    worry when ur adding inches of travel!! please just to keep me saine, i have this all day at work!!

  7. leelikesbikes says:

    I totally appreciate that sentiment. It’s usually best to shut up and ride.

    But on a motocross moto, lowering the fork 1cm in the triple clamp makes a noticeable difference in handling — and that’s with 12 inches of travel.

  8. Bas says:

    Good to see people still rock those Enduros. I know I still do andd I love it to death. Wouldn’t want to change it for the world. Already worrying about what I’m ever gonna replace it with. In two years time. Or five. Six.

  9. leelikesbikes says:

    Steve Wentz just came over (I’m taking him on his first moto today). He’s a FOX sponsored athlete and he says:

    – The 2007 is more progressive and less likely to blow through its travel.

    – The new model also has less stiction.

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