Indoor BMX in Colorado Springs

What a fun way to get some 4X practice, enjoy friendly competition and make the best of a rainy day. This is the final weekend of the winter indoor series; next time they go outside.

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A little overview shot. It was dark in there! Thank goodness for the Canon 1D with 2.8 L-Series lens.

We had a full gate of mountain bikers. At the last race they had three gates of MTBs. SRAM has been supporting the races with RockShox forks; today everyone got a pair of Truvativ Holzfeller pedals. Thanks guys!

Yeah, it’s on! I’ll tell you what: BMX is a lot easier at the front of the group. Ask local pro honch dude Mike Ambrose.

I got good gates in practice, but my race gates were late and lazy.

Just yesterday I raised the seat and rode this P.3 to the bank. Fun and practical! … I finished mid-pack in both the 30-39 Cruiser and the Open MTB classes.

Doug Johnson won the MTB class, followed by Mike Ambrose. The rest of us: Mike Piwowarczyk, James Gillespie, Dallas Hartley, Kenney Jones, Paul Haynes and me.

Petr Hanak, 2006 MSC overall pro gravity champ, has a heck of a gate, but he sometimes …

… snaps too early and …

… gets balled up.

No matter. Petr fought hard and won his final.

The Esteemed Bobbi Watt rocked practice then took all of the photos but this one. Thanks Bobbi!

Petr and I check out one of many BMX milfs.
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  1. Justin Brown says:

    Do you have any pictures of the entire track? How big is the building? Are they NBL or ABA? Just wondering how they “do” it since we have nothing in the East as far as indoor BMX goes. You lucky dog!!!

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    No other photos. Yesterday was all about riding and hanging out with the crew.

    The building is not huge — maybe 100×300? Not as big as this one:

    ABA. They appear to be kicking NBL’s butt.

    All it takes is a committed person. ABA has a kit for track organizers …

  3. Alexia Roberts says:

    I work for a non profit organization who places highschool exchange students with volunteer families for a school year. I am looking for a family for a 17 yr old boy from Czech Republic who is very involved in BMX and Motocross. If any of you know of a family who may be interested in hosting this student please contact me at 719 541 3140 or email me at
    We are making a difference in the world.. so please get involved too.

  4. Andy says:


    Is there any indoor BMX action going on this spring? I have a son who is interested but I’m not sure if the Loveland venue is running BMX events in 2008.


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