Question: Enduro 130 geometry setting

Slack and low or steep and high? This question vexes many owners of adjustable bikes.


You seem to like the Enduro 130 so I thought I’d ask a question from a pro.
Not sure what’s up with the geometry or what to do about it.

  Specs from Specialized:
  69.5 degree head angle / 13.2″ bottom bracket
  70.5 degree head angle / 13.9″ bottom bracket

One is too steep for trail riding and still too low bottom bracket in my opinion for riding up rocks?

The other is OK but way too low bottom bracket.

I’m not real happy with these options!

Which setting do you use?

Philosophy: This applies to all bikes. Slack head angles provide greater stability at speed, but they require more skill in tight terrain. I believe it’s best to learn to ride slack bikes. You can ride faster over gnarlier terrain, and if you know how to corner you can still flick your bike around like a booger.

I run my Enduro 130 slack and low. As a matter of fact, mine is even lower and even slacker than stock because I have a custom shorter shock. It’s AWESOME in the corners but requires more caution on rocky climbs.

I’ve learned to avoid hitting pedals. The key in rocks is to tone down the pedaling and instead focus on pumping. This gives you speed, plus it’s much smoother.

Make sure you’re running about 30 percent sag. No more — or you’ll droop your drawers.

Good luck and tell me how it goes.