Life with a capital L

Hi all. I just added a new article category — “Life with a capital L”

There’s so much going on these days. Between the divorce and re-committing to my life path, I’m learning a ton (whether I want to or not!).

Here’s the first installment.

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The two things you must study

I just crafted a response to a lawyer. His “provisions” freaked me out, but I had to respond clearly and dispassionately. I think I did OK.

Thing No. 1 – Learn yourself. Take the time to learn what makes you crazy and what makes you happy. What scares you? What elates you? This is not a pleasant process. Sit with the pain and let it speak. What do you need?

Thing No. 2 – Learn how to express yourself, in speech and in text. That’s your best chance to get what you need.

That’s it for now. More to come.

BRAAAP! That’s what I need right now … 🙂

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