The connection between yoga and cycling

Here’s a nice note from last weekend’s high school MTB coach training in Utah.

If you get into your wife’s yoga, maybe she’ll get into your biking!


I REALLY enjoyed the time I spent in your classroom and skills training today! I really enjoyed how you connected yoga and riding and made it practically spiritual! You gave me a lot to think about. I mostly need to take the skills that you showed us, and go have some quiet time with my bike so that I can take time to really be aware of where my body is and what it’s doing. Then I need to repeat it 100 times until it’s natural!!

Another side benefit you gave me is a greater respect for, and understanding of the connection between yoga and cycling! My wife is BIG into yoga, but I’ve never given it the time of day. She’s felt the same way about the mountain biking. I went straight home and started asking her questions about yoga, and she was delighted to tell me about it! Who knows – maybe it’ll get her more interested in biking!

Anyhow, thanks again for all that you’ve brought to the sport!! Your kung fu is powerful!!

Best of luck in all you endeavor!!


Greg S.

Thanks Greg!

It’s crazy how helpful the yogic style of supple engagement is to riding — especially Riding with a capital R.

It was fun working with you. Have fun on the bike (and on the mat).

BTW: That’s 10,000 times until it’s natural.


Know more. Have more fun!

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