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Interview with

Here’s an edgier-than-normal interview I did with Norman at Among other things, we covered:

The toughest boss I’ve ever had (me).
My beginnings as a rider.
The movie that made me quit my old life to start this one.
The hows and whys of RipRow.
Understanding when you should go for a big jump or other obstacle. 

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Heavy … is a state of mind

When something challenges us, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by its enormity, or difficulty, or, in the case of deadlift, its weight.

The best we can do is focus on what we can control, try hard and make it happen.

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Wait ’til the last roller

In school did you live in constant stress, finish your work ahead of time and get perfect grades?

Or did you enjoy life, do your work when it was time and get by just fine?

In the end, does trying real hard all the time help you, or does it hurt you?

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Six keys to athletic performance

Top-ranked XTERRA triathlete Cody Waite and his wife Kathy Tank Waite run EPC Mulitsport, an endurance sports coaching and training company in Lakewood, CO. Cody and Kathy are both full-on shredders with elite-level fitness.

Cody recently placed 15th at his first Leadville 100 (in 7:01). Let’s learn about Team Waite’s well-rounded approach to training (and Life).

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Make your big, scary project seem less big and less scary

Do you need to tackle a huge job but don’t know where to start? Maybe it’s a book, or a bike park, or enterprise software. When it comes to anxiety, all projects are the same.

Last year I attended a conference where I learned a simple way to make huge, time consuming and expensive projects seem smaller, quicker and more affordable. This will reduce your anxiety and help you get you started.

Check it out:

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What!? Rest really works?

I preach proper rest, and I often tell my overtrained clients to just freaking’ take a break, but I’m not so good at following that advice.

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Stop the injury cycle!

When bike parks, long-travel bikes and technique errors mix, the results can be gruesome.

If you’re getting hurt a lot, please address the underlying issues. If your friends are getting hurt, try to intervene, but don’t be surprised if your friends don’t want help.

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9 foods an athlete would never eat?

Sobering info in this article at Men’s Fitness.

How do you rank on the garbage-eating scale?

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Bone on bone but still rocking

A lot of you have heard me whine about my shoulders. Yesterday we got more bad news, and some good news, and we’re trying something new.

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The joy of not racing

Last weekend was a big deal in Winter Park, CO. You had the Air Downhill, the Enduro World Series, the Slopestyle, some cross country and more I’m sure.

I didn’t compete at all. It felt strange, but it was good.

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A perfect day

Today I shared DH shuttle rides with a bunch of dudes in the hills above Florence, Italy. Them: No English. Me: No Italian. But we did reach a consensus.
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