9 foods an athlete would never eat?

Sobering info in this article at Men’s Fitness.

How do you rank on the garbage-eating scale?


0 points if you seldom or never eat this
1 point if you eat this less than once a week
2 points if you eat this at least once a week
3 points if you eat this almost every day

The offenders:

1. Diet soda
2. Canned soup
3. Rice cakes
4. Sugary cereal
5. White bread
6. Microwave popcorn
7. Granola
8. Alcohol
9. A meal without protein

Rate the damage:

0-9 points – Eat bubala, eat!
10-18 points – Next time, choose something that came out of the ground.
19+ points – You need Thug Kitchen. “Eat like you give a f—.”

I score an 8 mostly thanks to my morning granola habit. I add protein, but I ain’t gonna stop.

How’d you do?


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