9 foods an athlete would never eat?

Sobering info in this article at Men’s Fitness.

How do you rank on the garbage-eating scale?


0 points if you seldom or never eat this
1 point if you eat this less than once a week
2 points if you eat this at least once a week
3 points if you eat this almost every day

The offenders:

1. Diet soda
2. Canned soup
3. Rice cakes
4. Sugary cereal
5. White bread
6. Microwave popcorn
7. Granola
8. Alcohol
9. A meal without protein

Rate the damage:

0-9 points – Eat bubala, eat!
10-18 points – Next time, choose something that came out of the ground.
19+ points – You need Thug Kitchen. “Eat like you give a f—.”

I score an 8 mostly thanks to my morning granola habit. I add protein, but I ain’t gonna stop.

How’d you do?


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  1. JoeG says:

    Granola and alcohol are the only things on that list that I consume. I can stop consuming one of them. I will let you guess which one that is.

  2. Rob says:

    I did better than I thought I would with 4 points. Diet soda every few days (2 points) + white bread and alcohol on occasion (another 2 points.)

    That article seems to imply that a big scoop of nut butter is a great source of protein. It is most definitely not. You have to eat a LOT of nut butter to get a serving of protein…

  3. Wacek says:

    Diet SODA… a miracle only several lumen darker than Coke as a thirst satisfying drink itself. Low caloric sugars will get you to heart disease, diabetes, kidney and pancreas disfunction, and tons of other stuff faster than a Gallon or regular Coke a week. Particularly that hippie Stevia. If someone drinks it for taste, fine, but if you drink it to save weight, then this is pure irony. The only better one I heard lately was that SUVs are in fact more dangerous for people inside than (those bloody Euro) sedans and compacts, due to high risk of roll over, particularly when hitting (a bloody Euro) lower car 😀

  4. David Guerra says:

    What should be on this list is “granola with added sugar and fats”, not plain granola, which is very healthy. I like it with non-sugared white yogurt and pumpernickel.


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