Pro BMX SKills book and gearing for juniors

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Thank for your fast reply … the download link to the Pro BMX Skills ebook works well! I went through the pages quickly and it is very interesting. It’s very difficult to find this kind of book in France.

I had a question/observation … I’m very surprise by the gearings recommended in the book. For example, the book recommended 40/16 for junior and in France it’s common to have 37 or 38/16. Why this difference?

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First, thank you for buying Pro BMX Skills. It’s the greatest book nobody’s heard of.

OK, gearing:

Check out this chart from the book:

Adult BMX bikes often come with 44/16 gearing.

Junior gearing is typically closer to 40/16 (or 37/14), which is a bit lower — but not much lower.

At big bike companies, component choices are less about what’s ideal for each rider and more about:

• What can the bike company get at high quantities?

• What can the bike company get at low prices?

• Which parts can be used on numerous models?

From Pro BMX Skills:


At the bike-company level, gearing choices are not about power and spin. They’re about cost and availability. For example, Toby Henderson of Intense BMX says he can’t buy a 43-tooth chainring in bulk, but he can get 42s all day long at a good price.

What’s why aftermarket companies like Sinz Racing and Profile Racing are so useful. They can make every size in every bolt pattern and color.

Less [gear] is more [speed]

I think most kids’ bikes are over geared. Just watch all those groms mash their pedals.

Easier gears (like your 37/16 or 38/16) seem like a good idea because:

• Less strain for young bodies.

• Faster starts.

• Teach them to spin faster.

• When they get going fast, they should focus on pump.

I usually ride/race BMX on a Specialized P3 dirt jump bike with a 1×10 Shimano XT drivetrain. I have my pick of gear ratios, and I use much less gear than a typical BMXer.

This gives me a better start (with less strain on my old body). Once I’m out of the gate, it’s all about pump, high-rev spinning and some sneaky MTB-style cornering (lots of details in Pro BMX Skills).

Have fun out there,


Know more. Have more fun!

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