tactics and

The groundbreaking how-to book featuring:

• Greg Romero – coach of champions
• Toby Henderson – BMX legend
• Danny Caluag – top pro racer
• Jason Richardson – veteran pro racer
• Chris Powell – pro racer/mechanic
• and more BMX greats

Dimensions: 8″ x 10″ softcover

Pages: 250, full color

Photos and diagrams: Hundreds

Ebook price: $20

Print book price: $28.95 for one copy; $15 each for a case of 20 (original price was $28.95)

“This is truly a BMX bible!”
— Coach Greg Romero

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Pro BMX Skills will make your BMX riding and racing safer, faster and even more fun.

Rider/journalist/instructor Lee McCormack has partnered with some of the best BMX racers and coaches to bring you this exciting, informative book.

Pro BMX Skills is most detailed treatment of BMX equipment, techniques, tactics and training ever published. Easy-to-read text and detailed images explain every aspect of BMX:

• Bike choice and setup
• Riding position
• Cornering
• Manuals and hops
• Pumping terrain
• Jumping
• Starts and sprints
• Flowing around the track
• How the races work
• Race tactics
• BMX training

Pro BMX Skills is for everyone in BMX:

• Beginning riders will learn quickly and form great habits.
• Expert racers will become even smoother, more consistent and faster.
• Parents will help their kids have fun and stay safe.
• Coaches will learn how to make their athletes even better.

By Lee McCormack • Race Line Publishing


Front cover

Back cover

Table of contents spread 1 of 2. Click for big

Table of contents spread 2 of 2. Click for big

From the Dial in Your Bike chapter

Learning about cornering lines

Coach Greg Romero and pro racer David Herman show us some options. Click for big

Two ways to handle a step-up

Pro tactics demonstrated by pros

Learn a smart approach to BMX training

Try a sample training plan from Coach G

Order Pro BMX Skills here >>>

53 replies
  1. Evan says:

    YES!!!! THANK YOU LEE!!!

    This book is AWESOME!! And thats not even a strong enough word to describe it. I cant wait to get to the track and try this stuff out.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    From Chris, a mountain biker in Australia:

    — — —


    I got my copy a few days ago, thank you.

    Firstly, I was astounded as to how good looks in the flesh. And it is huuuuge.

    The ‘Flow’ chapter is unreal. The sequences are amazing and the photos have an HDR quality about them and I think that really makes Danny ‘pop’ off the page. There definitely were no jet hops and pick-ups when I raced, so the timing of the book is great in that regard.

    I really think it is better than MMBSII for getting a rider to go from newb to pro, but I guess BMX is a little less complicated than MTB because the terrain is, ah, more standard, if you know what I mean.

    And it just says ‘Lee McCormack’ on the front, just like MMBSIII ; )

    I don’t think there is a mountain biker who wouldn’t benefit from that book. I wish I had that book when I was racing BMX, I probably would have raced more.

    Congratulations. Really. I hope the BMX mags and sites are running reviews of it.


    — — —

    Thanks Chris! With PBS I tried to use all my coaching knowledge, to, as you say, get riders “from newb to pro.”

    Super stoked that this massive project is hitting its target.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    From Tony in Alberta, Canada:

    — — —

    Lee – Got the book 3 days ago – it was worth the wait! Absolutely packed with everything anyone from a novice to a pro needs to know but takes years to learn and a whole career to master. Great job! I feel faster already……

    I think this is going to become required reading for anyone even semi-serious so here’s the question

    – any plans to offer it in bulk wholesale orders for clubs, or to bike shops? It would be terrific if it was available through our club, to our members, and I know my sponsor shop would be interested in stocking it.

    thanks again

    — — —

    Yes, I will be offering bulk pricing for shops, clubs, distributors, etc. Right now I’m getting 5,000 copies printed on a traditional press. When those get here I’ll be able to offer the lower pricing. Stay tuned. – Lee

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    You do not download the print book.

    You view the ebook in your web browser using the provided link and password.

    The print book gets delivered to you. It’s 8×10 inches, 250 pages, full color. Pretty sweet.

  5. Kenny Hunter says:

    For anyone considering buying this book, I can say this: From start to finish, this book covers everything that ANY bmx racer needs to know, from complete beginner to Elite. Simple, straightforward explanations of the skills and techniques that should be in every racers arsenal. Great photos too. Put simply: If you’re not reading this book you are at a disadvantage. I really shouldn’t be telling everyone how good this book is. In fact, I should be keeping it Top Secret!!

  6. leelikesbikes says:

    hi mr lee… im so excited and happy my book is arrived today then i got now … thanks is a nice and so complete information about bmx have never been done… nice & excelent job….

    Angel R. Vives Mozo
    Entrenador De Bicicross
    Club Y Escuela KOGUI`S BMX
    Santa Marta (Magdalena)

  7. leelikesbikes says:

    Hi Lee,

    I got a BMX (20″) after reading your MTB book and have been out on it a few times street and park. After reading some of your Pro BMX book I went down to the local BMX track winter club meeting today (Bournemouth BMX club in the UK). I really enjoyed it and thanks to your great tips I didn’t feel like a complete idiot. There are some pretty good racers in my local club from what I understand but they seem like a nice bunch and apparently there are even some older riders too (I am a 36 year old doctor and am into windsurfing, cycling, skiing and snowboarding). Cheers for your great books – I just wish I lived near enough to come on some of your skills clinics!


    P.S. Can I still get a discount on the print version as I’ve now realised that would be really handy too?

    Hey Dan, sounds like you’re having tons of fun.

    Yes: If you buy the ebook and want to upgrade to the print book (and save $10), just Paypal $23.95 (inside the U.S.) or $33.95 (outside the U.S.) to Please include your email address and your ebook license number.


    — Lee

  8. David Burnette says:

    I received my book last night (1/03/11) and have to say that its AMAZING!!!! My two sons and I all race BMX in FL. This book is awesome. I have the Cyclist Bible by Joe Friel and this is the closest thing to that for BMX. It covers everything you need to know from A-Z that either you’d have to find out the hard way or wouldn’t learn. I could not put the book down once I got it. The full color book and detailed still photos of the skills are awesome. My sons and I are looking forward to using this book to better our skills and technique on and off the track. The “cool” factor is that it was signed by Lee himself. Very cool. I highly recommend this to anyone getting into BMX or is already racing/riding BMX. Its great for every skill level.

  9. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks David!

    This book was *SO* much work. It’s great to see people are stoked.

    In other news, I recently sent a copy to Mike King, director of BMX for USA Cycling, and he wants to make it part of the coach certification program. Stoked!

  10. leelikesbikes says:

    Lee, I am almost done reading your book, Pro BMX Skills. Thanks for a killer resource. I practiced some of the turning techniques today at practice and I am excited to work on wiring everything in that sucker over time. It’s very well done.

    Building a personal pump track is next!


  11. leelikesbikes says:

    I picked up your book last week at the County Line State race. My boys have been reading it this week and my older son (13-I) told me today that he was applying the skills he learned at the track today. I can say that I have never seen him jump and manual so many jumps at Dacono before. He was even reading the book on the way to the track this morning.

    Just wanted to give you some great feedback about the quality of your book and the results we are seeing. On a side note: David Herman was at the track today and my boys noticed him because of the photos in the book. They were too shy to ask for an autograph!

    Tom Hastings

  12. leelikesbikes says:

    This is the best book i have ever read, and it really helped to progress my skills.
    PBS should be a must read to trainers at the BMX clubs around here, so all of us can make some progress and have some more fun doing the bike thing.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

    Anton Boon
    The Netherlands

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  14. Dinah says:

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  15. Robert says:

    I have just paid on my iPad and now I feel a Wally as I have just seen that it doesn’t work on iPads 🙁 how can I get that link for my computer

  16. Robert says:

    Totally Awesome, I now have it’s as a PDF on my IPAD, it’s an excellent book Lee

    Communication was great, downloading it from your link was just to easy.

  17. Chris Evans says:

    I ordered the book on the 27th August 14 and paid the full amount using PayPal. On the 1st September I received an email to say that an additional $20 was needed due to additional costs for shipment to the UK. Again I paid using PayPal.

    To date I have not received the book. Can you please advise what the status of my order is?

    Thank you
    Chris Evans

  18. leelikesbikes says:


    I will look into this and email you with my findings. A small percentage of mailed books simply disappear (or maybe the customs folks are working on their riding skills).


  19. Nathan says:

    I purchased the pro bmx book a couple of weeks ago. Paid with PayPal. Just wondering when it will ship and I should expect?

    Thanks in advance

  20. Nathan says:

    Book arrived today. One happy kid when it arrived today. Thanks for taking the time to sign it. Son felt super special that it was signed. Thanks again Great book!!!!!

  21. Claus Hyldal says:

    Hi Lee
    I purchased the two books “Pro bmx skills” and “Welcome to Pump Track Nation” on your web site. But I haven’t received any pdf’s. And yes… I have checked my spam filter. Could you please look into it.


  22. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks Lee.

    I successfully downloaded the book and I am extremely impressed so far. The breadth of content, level of detail, writing and graphical representations are wonderful. I’m really enjoying the contributions from Toby Henderson. He was one of my favorite riders as a kid. I vividly remember carefully cutting photos of him out of Bicycle Motocross Action to hang on my wall.

    My son just started pouring through the book. I think he’s really going to enjoy it.


  23. Rob says:

    Hey Lee,
    I tried buying your pro bmx skills book a couple different ways off your site (pdf, soft back) neither one went through ? Please help !

  24. Lee McCormack says:

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for trying! I just emailed you.

    Sometimes Paypal is super busy. If you don’t mind, please try again.



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