tactics and

The groundbreaking how-to book featuring:

• Greg Romero – coach of champions
• Toby Henderson – BMX legend
• Danny Caluag – top pro racer
• Jason Richardson – veteran pro racer
• Chris Powell – pro racer/mechanic
• and more BMX greats

Dimensions: 8″ x 10″ softcover

Pages: 250, full color

Photos and diagrams: Hundreds

Ebook price: $20

Print book price: $28.95 for one copy; $15 each for a case of 20 (original price was $28.95)

“This is truly a BMX bible!”
— Coach Greg Romero

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Pro BMX Skills will make your BMX riding and racing safer, faster and even more fun.

Rider/journalist/instructor Lee McCormack has partnered with some of the best BMX racers and coaches to bring you this exciting, informative book.

Pro BMX Skills is most detailed treatment of BMX equipment, techniques, tactics and training ever published. Easy-to-read text and detailed images explain every aspect of BMX:

• Bike choice and setup
• Riding position
• Cornering
• Manuals and hops
• Pumping terrain
• Jumping
• Starts and sprints
• Flowing around the track
• How the races work
• Race tactics
• BMX training

Pro BMX Skills is for everyone in BMX:

• Beginning riders will learn quickly and form great habits.
• Expert racers will become even smoother, more consistent and faster.
• Parents will help their kids have fun and stay safe.
• Coaches will learn how to make their athletes even better.

By Lee McCormack • Race Line Publishing


Front cover

Back cover

Table of contents spread 1 of 2. Click for big

Table of contents spread 2 of 2. Click for big

From the Dial in Your Bike chapter

Learning about cornering lines

Coach Greg Romero and pro racer David Herman show us some options. Click for big

Two ways to handle a step-up

Pro tactics demonstrated by pros

Learn a smart approach to BMX training

Try a sample training plan from Coach G

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