The sweetest trails and riding spots

Strava server error

You stopped using Strava three years ago because it brought out your crazy. But today, after four hours teaching and riding, you turn on Strava to time the climb.
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Fall class: Cornering for ‘crossers

Do you want to ride faster with less effort? Do you want to drop the competition with style and grace? How about having more fun when you ride?

What self respecting cyclocrosser doesn’t want these things?

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Side knobs. Use ’em!

Wildwood Park Pump Track in Chico, CA

Pump Track Nation is growing!

I worked with local officials and riders to create designs and build specifications for beginner and (very) expert pump tracks. The locals, led by enduro star Kyle Warner, executed what looks like a beautiful build.

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Pump tracks in EagleVail, CO

Check out these LLB-designed pump tracks — one advanced and one beginner — in the town of EagleVail, CO.

My wife, girls and I will be riding there this weekend!

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Awesome examples of awesome riding

I want to put some of the best riding — ever! — in one place for us mortals to study. I’m looking for clean shredding.

Check these out, and tell me what I missed!

UPDATED July 7, 2015 with Greg Minnaar’s World Cup DH winning run.
UPDATED July 6, 2015 with Andreu Lacondeguy’s beautiful violence.

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Aaron Gwin wins — chainless!

By now most of the internet knows Aaron Gwin won last week’s World Cup downhill in Leogang without a chain. He broke it out of the gate, shrugged it off then railed and pumped his way to a win — over the best riders in the world — the rest of whom pedaled!

Totally rad. Go Aaron. Go America. Go God.

Update July 3, 2015: Added link and summary of Dirt article “Aaron Gwin – Chainless – How did he do it?”

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Sweet new pump tracks at Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel in Sagres, Portugal

Check out this pair of pump tracks I designed for a 5-star resort on the coast of Portugal.

These tracks were built by the resort’s construction crew — and they look fun!

The beach view isn’t bad either.

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The LLB Spring 2015 Moab Camp was so rad

Our first multi-day destination camp is done, and it was beyond awesome. I’m still jazzed … and I’m planning improvements to the next camp.

Check out the epic tale and photos:

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Sweet Little Track : ready-to-build pump track plan

Hi all, we just added another track to our ready-to-build pump track plans.

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Pump Track Nation goes to South Africa

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but pump tracks are so great. They build fitness and skill. They serve as community hubs. And they can be built just about anywhere at low cost. Check out these new Pumptopia tracks:

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Keeping weeds off a pump track

Hi Lee,

Jerome from Bozeman, MT here. Hey, I’ve purchased your Welcome to Pump Track Nation book and some plans and also your skills book. Great stuff, man. Thanks. I’ve a lingering question. How do I keep the weeds from growing in my pump track? Thanks!


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