Awesome examples of awesome riding

I want to put some of the best riding — ever! — in one place for us mortals to study. I’m looking for clean shredding.

Check these out, and tell me what I missed!

UPDATED July 7, 2015 with Greg Minnaar’s World Cup DH winning run.
UPDATED July 6, 2015 with Andreu Lacondeguy’s beautiful violence.

In no particular order:

Greg Minnaar wins the Lenzerheide World Cup DH
An exercise in minimalism.

A Lesson in Shredding by Andreu Lacondeguy
So violent it’s smooth.

Aaron Gwin chainless

Neko Mulally chainless

Danny Hart 2011 world championships

Rachel Atherton 2009 world championships

Brian Lopes riding his local trails

Sam Hill in Maribour 2008

Matt Hunter on a 2012 Specialized Enduro

Jeff Kendall Weed in Washington (maybe not efficient, but sweet!)

Cotic Bikes presents 26 ain’t dead

Finn Iles

Finn Iles from Kuba Gzela on Vimeo.

What have I missed?


Know more. Have more fun!

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5 replies
  1. Jim says:

    What did you miss? Anything by Danny Macaskill… I guess he’s technically a trials rider, but his video, “The Ridge,” is more mountain biking,and I think you can learn a thing or two from it about pumping terrain and body positioning, especially over steep terrain. That flip over the fence at the end is kind of cool, too.

  2. Feldy says:

    Having ridden those trails in Laguna (as opposed to say, Leogang), the speed at which Lopes is travelling is terrifying — in an awesome way.


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