Questions, answers and promotions for the popular base training program Pump Up the Base

Strength and enduro training with P2PI?


I just bought your Prepare to Pin It training program, and I have a couple questions.

I’m also going to be incorporating some of the workouts from Enduro MTB Training. Should I do those strength/mobility exercises on the easy days of P2PI?

Also, since my main goal is enduro racing and many of the stages are 6-15 minutes long, on the fun/quality ride days, should I try to focus my efforts on rides where I can push at full steam for those longer intervals when I can?


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Mixing it up on a rainy morning

Today I was scheduled to get my butt kicked on a trail ride by my friend Nick, a recently retired World Cup XC racer.

But rain and busy.


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End of season power testing for Lee

Yesterday I put Coach Kevin Stiffler through the gauntlet: 20-minute, 3-minute, 1-minute, 30-second and peak power tests — all on one sitting. This test is tough. Truly miserable.

Here are Kevin’s results.

Fair is fair.

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Standing when sprinting?

Hi Lee,
I’m on week 7 of Pump up the Base now and seeing results! I got a question though, can I stand up on sprints?

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Integrating bike and strength fitness?

Our friend Lars has an interesting question about timing his Pump Up the Base and Prepare to Pin It training programs, plus integrating strength work.

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Power meter for Prepare to Pin It?

Hi Lee,

I’m trying to do your Prepare to Pin It in-season training program, I just bought your book but I can’t really get it with the watt measurement. I have a Sigma Rox 9.1 cycle computer that ¨calculates¨
the watt I´m generating.
The power meter you refer to in your book is the one that goes in the crank?
Should I better go by bpm´s?

Thanks a lot for your time,

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P2PI week 3 and this stuff works

Today we rocked #3 in a series of 7 indoor classes at the Boulder for Sports Medicine.

These classes are based on the Prepare to Pin It training program.

The results are quick and clear.

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Three Pump Up the Base workouts in a week?

So if weather is just terrible and I am confined to the trainer for days or weeks at a time what would be better…? Stick to two Pump Up the Base workouts a week plus some level 2 time on the trainer or would it be ok to hit PUTB 3 times in a week?

I started lifting again for the first time in 6 months (I am naturally a spinner a.k.a. I am weak) the same time I started PUTB so the first couple of workouts (shoot even walking) were difficult but things are starting to feel better now. Thursday I got to the first B workout where you break it up with different cadences. I think that was easier than sustained effort because my brain (maybe weaker than my legs) was occupied. Did week 3 Day A today, it was pretty good too even though I lifted in the morning. Now if the trails here get dry I can get strong and learn to lay off the brakes on my recently converted single speed! May you have sunny skies and dry trails.


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Correct heart rate for Pump Up the Base intervals?

Hi Lee !

I am now in week 4 of your awesome Pump Up the Base program. For the last couple of years i’ve got some concern about target heart rates, that gets me confused. I am 46 so my 85% heart rate should be around 148bpm ( 220-46X85/100). But here’s the thing, at this heart rate i can sing “we are the champion” at full volume and i can spin that for days, barely sweating. I’ve followed you guide lines, and shoot for an effort that let me talk only in short sentence, and that bring my heart rate value around 162bpm.Wich is more like what i am used to. That value is around 95% of my maximum HR for my age ! that gets me nervous, am i pushing too hard ? I’ve been ridding for 25 years and feel better than ever, i ain’t no world class athlete but not definitely not your average forty something guy either. Any thoughts ?


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Pump up my calves?

I bought Pump Up the Base a couple weeks back. I am currently in week 2 and am enjoying the workouts very much.

I have a question — I’m doing my best to drop my heel and then point my toes at the bottom of the pedal stroke. I’m getting a feel for that circular motion, rather than mashing. I can’t do it every time, but I’m getting better.

My question is this: I’m feeling this in my calves quite a bit. Is that normal? I would think it is to some extent, but I know I don’t want to overdo it and all my power to be coming from the calves — they’re too small a muscle group and not connected enough to the core.

Any insight you have on this — if you have the time, of course — would be appreciated.


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Row, row, row your indoor rowing machine

Here’s another way to learn how to move, get stronger and stay somewhat sane this winter.

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Build your base for a sweet 2014

Winter is settling in all over the northern hemisphere, and passionate mountain bikers are dreaming of great races and rides next year. If you want to shred with utmost radness next season, I suggest you start building a smart base now.

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