Three Pump Up the Base workouts in a week?

So if weather is just terrible and I am confined to the trainer for days or weeks at a time what would be better…? Stick to two Pump Up the Base workouts a week plus some level 2 time on the trainer or would it be ok to hit PUTB 3 times in a week?

I started lifting again for the first time in 6 months (I am naturally a spinner a.k.a. I am weak) the same time I started PUTB so the first couple of workouts (shoot even walking) were difficult but things are starting to feel better now. Thursday I got to the first B workout where you break it up with different cadences. I think that was easier than sustained effort because my brain (maybe weaker than my legs) was occupied. Did week 3 Day A today, it was pretty good too even though I lifted in the morning. Now if the trails here get dry I can get strong and learn to lay off the brakes on my recently converted single speed! May you have sunny skies and dry trails.



Thanks for writing.

I love your thinking! But I think three hard Pump Up the Base workouts it a bit much. At this time of your training cycle, this would a full training week:

• Two Pump Up the Base workouts

• Two strength workouts. I’m about to publish a perfect training program for busy riders.

• One long, easy level 2 ride (or XC ski, moto, hike, swim, snow shovel, etc.) Have fun and burn some fat.

• Otherwise, take it easy. Spin, yoga, walk, take your kids to the park.

PUTB and strength training are all about quality. It can be hard for adults to recover from four hard days in a week.

One option, which you’re already trying, is two-a-days: Ride first because it’s more important, then lift. The next day should be easy. More and more, I try to double up hard efforts so I get more rest/fun days.


Then this:

Have fun and get strong!


Know more. Have more fun!

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