Standing when sprinting?

Hi Lee,
I’m on week 7 of Pump up the Base now and seeing results! I got a question though, can I stand up on sprints?

Hi Senen,

Yes! Sometimes.

If you’re in a hard gear …

… and you’re shooting for max torque, drive your hips forward and stand as tall as you can. Here’s a photo of elite BMX coach Greg Romero. See how straight his body is? This lets him generate very high forces.

Coach G snaps a gate. Learn more about sprinting technique in the book Pro BMX Skills.

If you’re in an easy gear …

… and you’re shooting for max rpm, it’s easier to stay closer to the seat. In this video you can see I stand a bit while I’m accelerating, then I settle into the “pocket” and let my feet fly.

Mix up these techniques

Pump up the Base is an awesome way to build aerobic fitness, pedaling technique, pedaling speed and sprint power. While you’re doing your PUTB sprints (or just riding for fun), alternate

• Accelerating in a hard gear

• Spinning an easy gear

• Accelerating in a hard gear then spinning as fast as you can!

This will keep your mind busy, and it will give you real, usable power on trail.

Funny: If you ride a BMX or single speed, these drills will happen automatically.

Have fun out there,


Know more. Have more fun!

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