Cane Creek DB INLINE on a Specialized Enduro 29?


Question for you regarding my Enduro 29 – is there any reason you would caution me away from a Cane Creek DB INLINE versus a larger volume shock? I’d love to retain the ability to carry a large water bottle … yet am not sure if I’d be better off going with a larger volume air can – either DB AIR CS or Rock Shox Monarch. The current setup has the stock FOX FLOAT CTD, which I’m not a fan of (needing to run high pressure to avoid bottoming out).


Hey John!

It’s always good to hear from you. I am still stoked about our skills sessions in Santa Cruz. Man, you were ripping.

I forwarded your question to a real expert: Mike Luebesmier at Dirtlabs here in Boulder, CO.

Luby says:

Hey John,

These are very good questions.

Let’s start with the FOX FLOAT CTD. We can tune the damping and air volume to help you achieve the performance you are looking for.

That said, the DB AIR and DB INLINE are a whole new machine and can get pretty dialed in just by turning a few knobs.

I am currently running a DB AIR CS. I love it, and it has a wide range of external tuning. Yes, this would be a great shock for you (matched with a new FOX 36 and — BOOM! — full on radness). This shock will require a bit of set up time, but it is fun to do.

The INLINE offers the same adjustability but in a smaller package. Yes, it will hold up to a large rider. It will offer you the tune you want without sacrificing weight and space.

In my honest opinion I would look at both the DB AIR CS and also INLINE, then look at where 70 percent of your rides are. If you’re headed up to resorts and lift runs every weekend, the DB AIR CS makes sense. If you’re going on 3- to 4-hour all mountain rides and only ride DH runs occasionally, I think you would be solid with the INLINE. Some of the Cane Creek engineers are rippers, and they have put the INLINE through the ringer with good results.

When we sell a shock we also offer setup support. We help people find a base tune, then adjust from there to get what they want.

I hope that helps.

Luby at Dirtlabs

So there you have it. For your riding at the Demo forest, either get your FOX tuned (I would try this first) or try the DB INLINE.

Rip it up!


Know more. Have more fun!

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