Questions, answers and promotions for the popular base training program Pump Up the Base

PUTB and P2PI now available in print!

Hey all, the Pump Up the Base and Prepare to Pin It training programs are now available in both ebook and print formats.

Check ’em out:

Pump Up the Base

Prepare to Pin It

Hot from the printer. This is always exciting!

More power with less punishment

After rocking the Pump Up the Base program, I’ve been working the Prepare to Pin It training program for about a month now, and I’m seeing even more pedaling power — with less punishment!

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Work, rest, repeat (whoa, it works!)

Like many of you bike freaks, I’d rather work than rest. Call it healthy ambition or whip-cracking demons: that drive gets things done, but it can push too hard.

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Rule your rides with Pump Up the Base

Subject: My first trail ride in 9 months


Just wanted to let you know that today was the first time I have been out on the trails since I destroyed my ACL 9 months ago.

I have been doing your Pump up the Base program for 3 weeks now and I had no problem staying with the lead riders on the way up the hill. I noticed an improvement on the trail as well.

Thank you so much for an awesome program! I have no doubt I will be killing it on the mountain this season!!!


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Light hands while seated pedaling?

Hi Lee,

My question is regarding balance while pedaling from the saddle.

Should I keep my hands light while pedaling from the saddle?

When pedaling out of the saddle keeping light hands is easy as all the weight can be on my feet. But, when sitting and pedaling the weight is distributed between the handlebars, saddle and pedals, depending on how hard I’m pedaling. So if my hands are light that means my feet AND saddle are weighted which means I’m balanced backwards. Am I getting something wrong here?


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Pump Up the Base for a BMXer?


I was browsing your site and saw the book and training program Pump Up the Base. It looks like it is predominantly geared towards MTB but I was wondering if it might be something that I could use for my winter BMX training? From the outline that I’ve read and some of the example pages and the comments it may be useful for some basic skills work on just about any type of riding. I do not ride MTB and I’m a novice in BMX so I also wanted to make sure that it would be something that I could apply to my sport as well.

Thank you,
John V

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