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Subject: My first trail ride in 9 months


Just wanted to let you know that today was the first time I have been out on the trails since I destroyed my ACL 9 months ago.

I have been doing your Pump up the Base program for 3 weeks now and I had no problem staying with the lead riders on the way up the hill. I noticed an improvement on the trail as well.

Thank you so much for an awesome program! I have no doubt I will be killing it on the mountain this season!!!


Hey Trish,

Right on!

Keep up the good work!

I finished the 12-week Pump up the Base base training program last week, and I’m feeling really strong. Plus I’ve lost some body fat, which is cool!

This week I’m taking it easy, then I’m going to start the next 12-week program, which is designed for peak pre- and mid-season fitness.

For the new program I’ve partnered with Coach Lester Pardoe at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. It will be available when riders start finishing Pump Up the Base.



Know more. Have more fun!

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