More power with less punishment

After rocking the Pump Up the Base program, I’ve been working the Prepare to Pin It training program for about a month now, and I’m seeing even more pedaling power — with less punishment!

Same setup as always: Ultegra SL-equipped S-Works Tricross on a LeMond Revlution trainer. Flat pedals with non-sticky shoes.

A month ago I finished Pump Up the Base with improved base fitness but some fatigue. It turns out I can’t handle two hard trainer workouts, plus two hard weight workouts, plus coaching, plus mountain man adventures, plus work, plus Life, each week.

I took a few easy weeks then dove into the Prepare to Pin It program, which includes some brilliantly hard efforts and more structured rest. I’m also trying to lift on my intense bike days, so the easy days are actually easy.

There are many variables for sure, but in general I’m seeing:

• More sustainable power, easier.

• More short-term power — even after doing longer efforts.

Here’s a snapshot of two power tests. Each trainer session starts with a warmup and includes intervals of the shown durations (the numbers are the average power for the interval period). You’re doing your hardest efforts when you’re most tired.

Pretty sweet. Thanks again to Coach Lester Pardoe for sharing his genius!

Check out:

Pump Up the Base

Prepare to Pin It

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Jeff says:

    Excellent! Coming off another program and a great race I feel like I am about to hit yet another new level of power and fitness. Going to start the program this week, you just got me even more pumped. Doing my homework tonight and had one question. I see that I am going to do the Submax TT and Power test later in the week. Before I do any of that or start my level 2 stuff do I need to do the hour sustained effort (or 2x 20 then add 10%) to find my levels or is that what the tests at the end of the week will show? I have data from 2, 8 minute tests (CTS Field Test) but I want to make sure I am using the right ranges.

    Also got a new race machine a couple of weeks ago. Did a lot of reading various articles before making a decision, went with something that fix my need/ style. Had some instant Lee inspired changes to make. Probably a lot of people shanking theirs heads at all of my oxymoronisms. Carbon 29er HT (light) but then I put on a “heavy” post (KS LEV), put on ligher stronger wheels but wrapped them in a slightly more aggressive tred (still xc tire, just not slick/ paper thin), and went to a 90mm stem instead of the stock 105mm! My old bike was a mountain goat, this baby is a mountain lion. Light and graceful but when it is time to attack it is on!

  2. Lee McCormack says:

    Hey Jeff!

    Option A: Start the program next week. This week, lay down a threshold power test. It would not hurt to have a light week before you start P2PI.

    Option B: Do the submax tt as max tt and use that number as your threshold.

    That new bike sounds sweet!

    In other news, since the beginning of winter, my functional endurance power (what I’m willing to sustain for 20 minutes) appears to be up more than 40 watts. Pretty stoked on that!


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