Work, rest, repeat (whoa, it works!)

Like many of you bike freaks, I’d rather work than rest. Call it healthy ambition or whip-cracking demons: that drive gets things done, but it can push too hard.

In the Prepare to Pin It training program that I recently published, coach Lester Pardoe makes a huge case for rest. The P2PI program contains some very clever, very hard workouts, but they’re surrounded by easy days, and the hard weeks are surrounded by easy weeks.

For a freak like me, the prescribed easy days — let’s call them Level 2 base training — are like a doctor’s note to be mellow. Hey man, I’d love to bang out 10×10 on the pump track, but Lester says no.

So that’s good. P2PI tells me when to crush demons and when to hug them.

I’m all about numbers, so how about these:

12 weeks of Pump Up the Base and 2x per week weight sessions, plus other rides. Lots of Work/Life stress, which makes me even crazier to exercise (muscle pain is easier to handle than head and heart pain!). Feeling strong but tired.

Jan. 18
• 20 minute time trial
• 240 watts average
• 153 average heart rate

It was hard but not brutal. I felt like I could could go 250 watts if I pushed.

One easy week, one hard week (started P2PI) and two easy weeks — thanks to the flu virus.

Feb. 15
• 20 minute time trial
• 265 watts average
• 141 average heart rate

And it felt easy! That’s 10 percent more power with an 8 percent lower heart rate. After five minutes easy, I busted out nine 20-second intervals over 700 watts. That’s part of the Prepare to Pin It program.

I’m stoked with how much more power I made — more easily — with some rest. Pretty sweet. I guess this work hard, take it easy stuff works!

Excited to race the Big Mountain Enduro Series this year. How is your training going?


Know more. Have more fun!

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