Power meter for Prepare to Pin It?

Hi Lee,

I’m trying to do your Prepare to Pin It in-season training program, I just bought your book but I can’t really get it with the watt measurement. I have a Sigma Rox 9.1 cycle computer that ¨calculates¨
the watt I´m generating.
The power meter you refer to in your book is the one that goes in the crank?
Should I better go by bpm´s?

Thanks a lot for your time,

Hi José,

That looks like a cool computer.


You can measure effort by heart rate, perceived exertion (how much does it hurt?), speed or time, but wattage is more immediate, accurate and trackable.

Some notes for using your Sigma Rox 9.1 with the Prepare to Pin It in-season training program:

• Use it for your time trial, when you figure out your threshold power. It’s important that you find your number on this device, since you’ll be training with this device.

• It should work very well for the longer Sweet Spot intervals.

• It might not respond quickly enough to register your Red intervals, but give it a try. With these intervals, the key is: Go a bit harder than you think you can!

• It probably will not respond quickly enough to measure full sprints, but that’s OK: Just go as hard as you can.

Indoors I’ve been using an old LeMond Revolution trainer, which works great, but it’s loud and discontinued. My fantasy trainer is the Wahoo KICKR

My favorite on-bike power meter is the Stages Power.

• It attaches to your non-drive crank arm, which means it will fit almost any bike. Actually, you buy a crank arm with the Stages unit mounted and calibrated. I have an XT crank/power meter that switches from my trail bike to my dirt jump bike. Yes, I dirt jump with a power meter …

• Compared with other power meters, it’s inexpensive. The Shimano XT version costs $799.

• You can pair the Stages unit with a Garmin (I’ve been using the Edge 510) or Wahoo Fitness RFLKT computer. The latter pairs with your iPhone to track and display data.

Whichever computer you use, please be consistent with P2PI. If you can’t do all of the workouts, focus on one quality Red session each week. It’s going to be really hard, but it makes a big difference in your fitness.


If you want to build pre-season fitness, check out the Pump Up the Base training program.

Know more. Have more fun!

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