Incycle Race Team update

Just got a note from Jason in SoCal. Last fall I coached him and some of his teammates, and this winter they killed it at Southridge.

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A little happy-happy DH training

A new Demo 8 and Lisa Myklak and gnarly trails and nice weather make for a decent afternoon.
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MTB Strength Training Program

I just met with trainer James Wilson, and he opened my eyes to a new way of training, especially for gravity events. I’ll keep you posted as my training progresses, but here’s a quick rundown — and a special discount on his program.
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Cornering: Drilling the basics

With our trails covered in snow and the 2007 season looming, pro rider Lisa Myklak and I have been working on the essentials.

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The Fix Jr. Team 2007, training session 1

Last Sunday The Fix dudes and I did our first training session. We have six sessions scheduled before the Mountain States Cup, and we’re off to a fun start.
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“The Worth-While Ride”

Last Spring I coached a good fellow named Roger Mooney in Reno, NV. Roger is a dedicated rider, but he’s even more dedicated to his family. Sometimes he gets to combine his loves. Here’s an essay by 10-year-old Joshua.
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Gate starts + skate park

Sunday we gathered the monkeys for a little riding. Stage 1: Gate starts at Clay’s shop. Stage 2: Woodward Skate Park in Lakewood, CO.
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Cornering form for switchbacks?

Since you did the clinic with the “Mere Mortals” riders in Silicon Valley, we’ve all been working hard on cornering by leaning the bike like you taught us, and in general, we’re getting pretty good at it. Some of us are wondering, however, if that technique applies to sharp switchbacks. Should we try to lean the bike in a switchback or keep it fairly upright (since the bike is going fairly slow compared to, say, a sweeping downhill turn)? Thanks, and we’re looking forward to doing another clinic with you in the spring.

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Clinic success: Rippin’ in Fontana

Hey Lee, just an update. The Incycle team has been hitting up Fontana the last couple of Saturdays, and man we’re ripping! Very cool to see people pushing it, and having a blast, the skills you taught us are definitely paying off. Just being able to see lines better, being in the right position to attack, man what a difference. The guys are already asking if we’re doing it again next year!

See you later,


Jason, that is awesome. Thanks for the update.

— Lee

All the rest of you, check out the story:

Success: October training camp in Nathrop, CO

This weekend we had one day of perfect sun and another of perfect rain. Everyone learned a lot and had a great time. Next spring, a tsunami of great riders will roll through the Mountain States and beyond.
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End-of-season training camp in Nathrop, CO

Next Season Starts NOW! Join us at Darner’s ranch October 7-8 for two days of learning, riding and RIPPING!
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California clinic madness

While I was in California I got to work/ride with 16 mountain bikers in three groups. Everyone had different experiences and goals, but they all shared the same stoke.
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