California clinic madness

While I was in California I got to work/ride with 16 mountain bikers in three groups. Everyone had different experiences and goals, but they all shared the same stoke.

Elizabeth and Melinda

Elizabeth wants to try gravity racing. Melinda wants to rock the Sea Otter XC. Very cool.

Melinda demonstrates excellent braking technique at The Shells in Redwood City. We also worked on body position and basic pump. (Check out Steppin’ It Up at The Shells – lots of jumping photos)

The next day we rode at a preserve in Palo Alto. In a few months those hills will be green.

Elizabeth works her cornering kung fu.

Nice form on a steep roll-in. It’s all about extending your hands.

This is so awesome. Melinda lines up wide, looks into the switchback and NAILS IT!

Mere Mortals


“Mere Mortals Mountain Biking is a laid-back group of mostly Bay Area mountain cyclists who bike anywhere we can find dirt. We exist to give people a positive environment and relaxed pace, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been riding or what you’re skill set is. We’re here to give you a positive environment to ride in because the trail can be intimidating enough.”

Excellent. We rode in a Silicon Valley office park (like the one I used to work in … ).

Working the turn magic.

Anne Marie was ripping like a champ.

We found a sweet makeshift switchback. Relax Anne Marie — you got it!

Eric has it. He’s involved in car racing, so looking through the turn comes naturally to him.

Rodney, please don’t look there!

Ahh … that’s better.

When Ray got this “switchback,” we were extra-double-stoked.

The InCycle race team

I got to know the team manager, Jason Simpson, at the 2004 Masters Downhill Worlds. He’s a good man, and he organized two sessions for his lucky team members. We rode at Southridge Park in Fontana.

Group 1: Frank, Chris, Scott and Jose

Frank feels out an entirely new cornering technique.

Chris dials it on pavement …

… then nails it on dirt. This is part of the Fontana NORBA National 4X course.

You rip out of the berm, switch sides, line up wide, nail the flat turn, suck up a rise then pump a long drop. It’s tricky — and Scott rocks it.

Joe explores maximal braking madness. Note that his fork isn’t diving — his entire bike is settling into the ground. Perfect.

What time it it? Slalom time!

Hiking up the 4X course. Not many race courses have graffiti.

Jason wrangles this tricky turn. He’s already fast — the other Vet Experts better watch out!

Rufus likes Fontana.

I’m a playground for monkeys

I spent a couple nights in my old neighborhood in Mountain View. Max was a little tadpole when I left three years ago; now he’s a precocious 5-year-old.

Max: Lee, do you know what you are?

Me: No, I don’t. I’ve been wondering for a while.

Max: You’re a playground for monkeys.

So that’s it. I gave the little ripper a quick lesson. He’ll be attacking the world in the correct position!

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