A little happy-happy DH training

A new Demo 8 and Lisa Myklak and gnarly trails and nice weather make for a decent afternoon.

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Lisa was KILLING it! She’s a great athlete, and I can see the skills we’ve been working on soaking into her riding.

We shot video for coaching purposes, so these images are hypo-low-res style.

The new machine! Today was my first DH ride since Keystone last fall. These bikes get more and more refined. Mine felt perfect in two seconds.

Lisa Myklak, with the smile that launched a thousand ships.

Lisa loves working on DH tires!

It’s a heck of a hike to the top of the Left Hand Canyon OHV Area, but the view is epic and you gain plenty of potential energy.

Pedaling out of a sweeper style.

At moments like this, these cornering drills really pay off.

Head up, elbows out, arms relaxed. Who’s coaching this woman? 🙂

BRAAAP! She’s about to jump across a heinous rock.

We practice this position in a parking lot. With enough practice, it’s yours when you need it. Lisa sucks up a rock and is about to extend into the back side.

This image does no justice to this super-sick 100-foot huck.

Jumpy jump from rock to root. Have I said I like this bike? It’s an honest 38something pounds.

Low attack position comes in handy. I got the biggest BRAAAP off the backside of those rocks.

Setting up for a 100-mph sweeper. You gotta thread through a 2-foot gap in some hungry-looking rocks.

Pump Track Nation: If you manual enough rollers on your pump track, some day you’ll be hurtling toward a rocky ledge and you’ll find yourself manualing like Weir Himself (with a capital H of course).

A little manual style then rat-tat-tat down some rock action.

This delicious moment was brought to me by Pump Track Nation. I pumped off that rock ledge into a depression then — pop — doubled to the next rock. Yum!

I was pretty busy at the time, but the view!

I pulled some nice cornering moves on this waterfall section …

… but Lisa just went straight. She wins.

It was a sweet sesh. We both win.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hi Lee,

    I’ve been exploring up the OHV quite a few times. What’s your route perference. I was end up on some huge hike-a-bike, with a fun 15min DH.

  2. Josh130 says:

    your new demo is super slick. I really like the pin stripes (and really hate the other paint jobs it comes in)… and thats all that really matters about a bike right?


  3. Josh130 says:

    Oh and Lisa looks REALLY relaxed and smooth! You’re right, she must have a good coach. Either way, you can tell even in the stills that she is getting a lot out of her hard work.

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Tom, that sounds like what I’ve been doing. On a moto I ride everything both ways. On bike I hike to the tippy-top and take various routes down.

  5. Patrik says:

    How is it that you keep getting to hang out with someone as cool as lisa? i am starting to get jealous of you and your awesome life…..better see you at Otter…

  6. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Patrik, it’s because I’m cool! … 🙂

    Sea Otter. I’m ambivalent on that one.

    Rock it,

    — Lee

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