Bursting brake hose on DeVinci Remix

Hey Lee,

Got “THE BOOK” and its having a positive impact on my riding just need to carve out more riding time! You’ve got me riding flats! Working on skills! Crazy stuff for a long time xc / clipless trail rider. (I can almost wheelie at will!) Anyways, I have a tech question – I have a 05 Devinci Remix and am lovin it for all types of riding.

The rear brake cable kinks and bursts when full travel is used regularly (my winter loop has 3 stair drops 3-4 ft to flat) my summer loops are trail rides so not an issue for most of my riding. Current fix thanks to my LBS is surgical tubing sleeve with loose zip ties – so far so good. Any other ideas in case this doesn’t hold?


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I don’t know that bike, so I say rock the solution your LBS devised.

Looking at the bike online … Seems like you could axe the zip tie on the upper stay, or at least make it very loose. Oh, and braided steel hose.

Good luck,

— Lee


Thanks for the quick response. Braided steel will be the next option. I’m off to work on my dead sailer jump it is a nasty condition! Just relax – I know. Keep up the great work – you’ve put fire in the belly of this 38 yr old dad.


Relaxing is key, but you should do this too:


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  1. Dr Shane says:

    Hey there, I’ve a buddy who had similar problems. He did away with the top tube routing of the brake line, and used zip ties to route the brake (and gear) cables down the down tube and along the left chainstay. The way the suspension action works there is a little flex required of the cables, but no significant shortening of the path, and so the cable doesn’t need to do the super-duper kinky thing. Looks a little bodgy, but if it keeps you on the trail who cares! It’s also good for reducing ghost shifting on the rear derailleur. If you do do the same with gear cable, just make a point of wrapping the cable under some padding tape to minimise chain wear on the cable housing. Oh, and if you want to make it look less bodgy, somebody (?3M?) makes nice tidy stick on cable routers.
    Ride On…
    Dr Shane

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