Bursting brake hose on DeVinci Remix

Hey Lee,

Got “THE BOOK” and its having a positive impact on my riding just need to carve out more riding time! You’ve got me riding flats! Working on skills! Crazy stuff for a long time xc / clipless trail rider. (I can almost wheelie at will!) Anyways, I have a tech question – I have a 05 Devinci Remix and am lovin it for all types of riding.

The rear brake cable kinks and bursts when full travel is used regularly (my winter loop has 3 stair drops 3-4 ft to flat) my summer loops are trail rides so not an issue for most of my riding. Current fix thanks to my LBS is surgical tubing sleeve with loose zip ties – so far so good. Any other ideas in case this doesn’t hold?


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I don’t know that bike, so I say rock the solution your LBS devised.

Looking at the bike online … Seems like you could axe the zip tie on the upper stay, or at least make it very loose. Oh, and braided steel hose.

Good luck,

— Lee


Thanks for the quick response. Braided steel will be the next option. I’m off to work on my dead sailer jump it is a nasty condition! Just relax – I know. Keep up the great work – you’ve put fire in the belly of this 38 yr old dad.


Relaxing is key, but you should do this too:


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