MTB Strength Training Program with a Bowflex?

Hi Lee,
I am VERY interested in getting James Wilson’s program. I’m not necessarily going to be racing again, but I need something to focus on so as to stay in shape (and being able to rip on trails is nice too). I thought I read some of his info on his site and he talked about lifting using real weights and doesn’t care for machines.

I prefer real weights as well, but I bought a Bowflex for its convenience (space and price). I live in a rural area and with kids and a two hour daily commute, so getting to a real gym is not really an option (excuses I know, but it is the reality of the matter). I guess what my question is, will I still be able to do his exercies with a Bowflex? Thanks for your time and how is the job search…I don’t remember reading anything. And, did you sell the house?

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Hi Justin,

Good to hear from you bro.

Yep, you can rock the workout. Funny: Over the winter I was in the gym a lot, throwing weight around like a meatball, but I haven’t been to the gym since I started James’ program. I’m in the first phase: bodyweight, some dumbbells and a balance ball. (And it’s kicking my ass!) He’s really adaptable, and since the program includes 1:1 calls, he’ll give you exercises that fit your situation.

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Job: I decided to keep up the good fight here in Colorado, keep coaching, do the DVD, etc. I’ll live the dream until it turns into a nightmare.

House: Still on the market. The pump track is completely gone. So sad.

Take care,

— Lee

I sent this question to James Wilson:

The only thing that I would add is that the Bowflex is not technically a machine, it is more like a cable unit that still forces you to stabilize in 3 dimensions [which is good -Lee]. The Bowflex would be pretty adaptable to the program, coupled with a stability ball and perhaps a few dumbbells or an adjustable dumbbell.

MTB Strength Training Program

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