Do this now: Grease your seatpost

Hey Lee,
I think that I may have a serious problem with my bike. The thing is my seat post seams to be stuck inside the seat tube. I maniaged to pull it free but it took two of my buddies to free it. One holding down the bike and two twisting and pulling up on the saddle.

When it came out there was a lot of white powdery substance on and inside the seat post and down inside the seat tube. I suspect that it is a form of corrsion forming from the 2 dissimilar metals. My seat post is 7075 and my from is made form Kinesium Alum. What can I do about this?

Thanks alot, Chris

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Hey Chris,

Yep, two dissimilar metals + water + grime + air = corrosion.

My buddy Clay had this happen recently, and he had to cut his seatpost out of his frame with a couple hacksaw blades attached to a rod. It was painstaking work, but he removed the post without damaging his frame.

The cure
Right now — everyone — remove your metal seatpost. Wipe it clean. Smear a thin layer of grease on the inserted part. Re-install. Check this once in a while.

Do not grease carbon seatposts. They don’t rust, and a little extra friction allows lower clamping torque.

Grease. Your. Seatpost!

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