Gate starts + skate park

Sunday we gathered the monkeys for a little riding. Stage 1: Gate starts at Clay’s shop. Stage 2: Woodward Skate Park in Lakewood, CO.

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Dr. Jon Watt shows us how it’s done. Clay built this gate at his shop, More details on the gate soon.


The crew: Rudy, Neil, Yosei, Dylan, Brendan, Bones, Evan, Clay and Jon.

Half pipe mania! We started at the bottom and pumped our way up. Evan gets it.

Yeah Neil! All of us racers were fish out of water, but evrything we did was a surprise and a joy.

Rudy wins Junior MTB Half Pipe Worlds. … I gave myself the win for Masters MTB Half Pipe Worlds.

Who’s this stud? Me pumping the back bowl.

Doh! With zero traction, one tiny error wil get you stuck in the mush pot.

Bones pulls some serious Gs.

Rudy will do exactly this in that huge Sea Otter DS berm …

Extra-double fun! We’ll be starting formal skills training as soon as the snow melts.