Pump track dirt: Import or excavate?

Lee…I noticed from your pics that your pump track is cut a ways down into your yard. Did you do that to save money on dirt? I was thinking about digging into my yard here in Oklahoma to save some money but I am afraid of water collection problems. Does your track collect water? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for writing the ebook, it has been a great help.

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Hershey Moose appreciates good drainage.

Hi Ray,

I dug down to make it easier to un-do the track in case I have to move. As a matter of fact, I’m moving out today, and I’m gonna have to flatten the track. That bums me out.

My track does not collect water.

– We dug trenches in all the low spots, along the edge of the track.

– We filled them with gravel.

– We capped them with concrete and mesh drain caps.

– Rain drains into the holes and seeps into the ground.

This works with all but the heaviest rain. Even then, the track drains within an hour or two.

If you dig down, you MUST pay attention to drainage!

Good luck,

— Lee

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