Questions, comments and criticisms

40-something success story

Another happy reader who has discovered the joys of jumping, dropping and all-around ripping.
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Yeti ASR or 575?

It depends on your riding style.
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Why weight (lift)?

I’ve been getting lots of questions about weight training, especially for downhill and 4X. This is a really complex topic, and everyone has a different idea. But here’s my approach:

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Rear derailleur rubbing on 34t cog

A reader doesn’t enjoy the grind-grind-grind of his XTR derailleur on his 2003 Enduro’s cassette. What to do?

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Flat pedals for a beginner

Hey, quick question. I’m thinking about getting into some flat pedals for a bike I’ve mocked up for jumping and stuff. Any recommendations? Oh, I’ve also heard that a pair of shin/knee guards are necessary for “beginners” on the flats.

Whadya got?

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What’s up with 9-speed?

Hi Lee,

I was thinking lately about the whole 9speed thing in DH and 4X.

You can get almost the same gear range with a 8speed and you’ll get smoother and more precise shifting.

So why do most of the guys ride with 9speed?


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Strong chains for 4X racing

Hey Lee,

What is the best chain for 4x out there? I’ve been snappin’ my Shimano chains and it hurts.


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Repairing Specialized Lo Pro Mag pedals

These are great pedals, but some early production hiccups are causing issues. Luckily, they’re solvable.
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Trail bike for a big guy

A robust reader is breaking his trail frame, and he’s looking for an upgrade. I think he should step up to an “all-mountain” bike.
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Ideal bike for Whistler (and elsewhere)

A terrain-starved Brit is heading to Whistler to buy a new bike and ride his brains out. But what should he get?
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Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock + Enduro?

Hi Lee, I have an 05 Enduro and want to upgrade to a coil shock, from the 5th Element Air. In particular I’m interested in the new Cane Creek Double Barrel shock. I was wondering through your contacts if you have heard any reports or tried this shock on the new Enduro frame.
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Pedaling in the steep and rough

Hey Lee,

I was just wanting some riding advice, how do you ride fast through rough, and/or steep stuff. When i pedal i push forward and that seems to be pushing me over the handle bars when it gets steep or rocky. What is the way to manage it? I do have your book but a mate of mine stole it and i havent seen him around to steal it back.
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