Flat pedals for a beginner

Hey, quick question. I’m thinking about getting into some flat pedals for a bike I’ve mocked up for jumping and stuff. Any recommendations? Oh, I’ve also heard that a pair of shin/knee guards are necessary for “beginners” on the flats.

Whadya got?

Call me practical, but here’s what I got — in order of importance:

1. Basic pedals. You don’t need those $100+ fancy-dancy platforms. Spend $40 on Cheap-Os and save money for …

2. Good shoes. Sticky rubber makes a huge difference. Five.Ten, 661, Nike and Oakley all make platform-riding shoes. My Five.Ten Mountain Master hiking shoes rule, and they retailed for only $89.

3. Shin guards. Learning to ride flats invites metal-on-bone destruction. CRACK! Knee/shin guards are a great idea, especially if you’re jumping. Make sure they go all the way to your ankle, unless you like the taste of shinburgers.

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