What’s up with 9-speed?

Hi Lee,

I was thinking lately about the whole 9speed thing in DH and 4X.

You can get almost the same gear range with a 8speed and you’ll get smoother and more precise shifting.

So why do most of the guys ride with 9speed?



Hey Simo.

SRAM and Shimano want to sell their newest, coolest stuff. They outfit their pros with high-end 9-speed drivetrains and show those parts in all of their ads. We mountain bikers do whatever the cool people are doing, so we run the same parts. It’s the American way.

Practically speaking, 9-speed is most available, especially in high-end mountain bike parts.

BUT: Shimano’s Ultegra and Dura-Ace road groups are rocking 10-speed. Would they dare? …

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