Mastering Mountain Bike Skills: 1st birthday

Order your copy!

The book’s been out for a year.

Copies sold: 11,000

Copies being tranlated into Russian: 5,000

Copies being translated into Polish: 2,500

Next language: Spanish

I’ll keep you posted on how to get foreign editions.

Actual quotes that I did not make up:

This book is the best book on a sport i have ever seen, forget the best mtbing book, this is simply the best sports book. ever.

I was blown away by this book. It is by far the best mountain biking technique book out there.

I just wanted to let you know your book ROCKS!! It talks to me in a language I understand, & it makes me want to go ride – I don’t need to say any more than this.

Best skills book I’ve ever seen!

Do you have any concept of how much good stuff is in your book? (Yes. — Lee 🙂

I cant put it down, you’ve managed to pack so much information into it and the photos are excellent.
As a beginer Mountain biker this book is by far the best I’ve ever seen.

Really good book!! Great information. Very well written. You humor comes through. I enjoyed it.

Killer book!

I once thought that it was never possible to drop in on to a vertical ramp with a mountain bike. This book sure proved me wrong and gave me the confidence thanks to the step-by-step how to guidelines and pictures to anchor those guidelines. So, yeah, that book has been a good investment to improve and make my riding more interesting. Again, thanks!

I finished your book and I wanted to say what a fantastic read it is!!! It was very entertaining as well as informative and there’s something about being able to put what you do/feel on a bike into words so that others can adopt and learn from it!!!

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I got the book and it is AWESOME. I read through alot of it in one night. There is is something for every level rider/racer. I know I learned a few things on cornering. Great Job!

Got the book and I’m totally stoked. This is the real deal. I’ve managed to read nearly the whole thing in just a few days. Very well written and fun – really has me pumped to get the season started. Anyone on two wheels could benefit from this.

Not only did you guys fill a void of good how to MTB books, you went over the top. Job well done and I look forward to more — now I can throw away my Greg Lemond and Lance books and learn how to ride a real bike!

We were doing downhill shuttles the other day, and on each ride up I read a different section. I focused on a new technique every run, and every run was 5-10 seconds faster!

WOW, what an awesome book, I’ve been glued to it ever since receiving my copy last week.

I read the book twice leading up to a Downhill event near Bakersfield, CA this past weekend as a sport class rider and I got my first Win. Prior to this I’d been on the podium five out of five events but, could not get over that hump and now I’m ready to achieve what had eluded me since I started racing last year.

Very good job, definitely one of a kind, plenty of great information, awesome photos, diagrams, tips, jokes, puns, everything. Hopefully it will give me more knowledge, along with more riding and training to bump me up to Semi-pro status this year.

And they continue here.

Order your copy!

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