Questions, comments and criticisms

GT Avalanche vs. Specialized Hardrock

In the battle of entry-level hardtails, who kicks whose ass?
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Formulas for building jumps


Is there a formula for figuring out the best height, length, curvature and angle of a jump to achieve the longest distance and height? And what would be the differences if you had the angle of the take off at say 35, 45 and 55 degrees?

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Good XC/Super-D bikes


Looking at possibly purchasing a Yeti 575. I am 5’8″ and a mid aggressive rider. I like to descend and climb Cross Country and Super D type riding. What else should I look at for comparison? Pros and cons?
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Benefits of flat pedals

Question: Should I practice with flat pedals? Answer: Yes.
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Drops: Calculating landing force

A mechanical engineer wants to know how I calculated the impact forces for a bike drop. Yikes, here goes …
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Software for diagraming tracks

A reader wants to know which software I use to create my snazzy track diagrams. It’s the same one I’ve used to create award-winning newspaper infographics.
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Requirements: upgrading to semipro

I was wondering what you need to do to advance from expert to semi pro? I couldn’t find the information anywhere in the norba book. I know in BMX you have to place 1-10 nag.

By the way your site is great. keep up the good work.
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Trail building info

I live in a town where just about nobody bikes. I was wondering if you could give trail building tips.

– Aaron

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The IMBA site has tons of info. Check it out.

I hope to post stories about building jumps, rollers and berms. Stay tuned.

— Lee

4X and slalom start questions

Hey Lee, how do you know what the rules are for mt cross & dual slalom gate starts on what is legal and not legal. I couldn’t find any info on the usacycling website.
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Getting into dirt jumping

A young reader needs advice on picking a dirt jump bike and becoming confident enough to enjoy it.
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Mail: Choosing knee guards

Hey Lee

A quick question. I noticed that you just wear knee pads and not full knee shin armor. Is there a reason why you just use knee pads? I’m trying to decide what to get after a fall involving some leaves last weekend. I’m only doing small drops 3-4 feet and I don’t want to use too much body armor nor leave myself not well enough protected. Any recommendations between the two types. I like the new website.
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Mail: Should I step up to pro?

Hey Lee,

I really need your advice about whether or not to upgrade to pro: I don´t know if it´s better to race semi-pro at the three nationals I´ll be at this summer, or if I should just try to upgrade to pro. Read more