Questions, comments and criticisms

Riding better, faster and smoother

Hi Lee,

I’ve been riding for twenty years and though not the of bravest souls on the trail I can handle most stuff out there. Bought your book, read it, loved it and now riding better, faster and smoother. The smile on my face is now of Joker proportions.
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Maverick ML 7.5 sizing

I hope you can give me an answer to the question what size I should have for a Maverick ml 7.5. I am a man 180 centimeters (5′ 11″) tall 48 years and a inside leg height of 85 centimeters (33″). What will be the best ride, a size medium or large?
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Digging the ride (and the read)


I just got a mountain bike and your book this fall. I’m 40 and I feel
like a 16 year old kid again. Your book is great. I haven’t put it down
(the bike or the book). The other day I went riding in fresh snow. I
came back with a SEGrin on my face that wouldn’t go away for hours.

Lloyd Dyson

— — —

Lloyd, thanks for your note. It’s great to know people are out there digging the ride (and the read).


How’s the new Specialized Enduro?

Hi Lee. I was riding on the weekend and crossed paths with another rider, he was riding the latest Spesh Enduro Pro and I fell in love. Its smooth lines, choice parts to me it was my dream bike in spec anyway.

After doing the lift test and being suprised at its seamingly light weight I asked him how it handled and he was well impresed but was on its maiden voyage so hadn’t lived with it for anytime at all. As I know you ride an Enduro though an older one I was wondering if you had had a chance to sample a new one yet.

I value your opinion as you don’t sound full of crap or owned by a company.
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Becoming a pro mountain biker

What’s up Lee? I’m Scott from Lake Tahoe. I love to ride downhill and freeride, I live for it, and I am really thinking about making it what I do for a living, so I’m curious, how much do the pro’s make? take someone like Cedric Gracia or Brian Lopes, I am really interested in finding out, because not only would I love to race and ride my bike pro, but I would really love to make a living out of it. Thanks Lee, you rock, I look forward to getting a reply back. Peace out.
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