40-something success story

Another happy reader who has discovered the joys of jumping, dropping and all-around ripping.

Lee – as an “old guy who should know better” (40!!). Started XC (all I knew about MTBiking, probably the same for most people) then discovered more gnarly terrain in the forests, it was magnetic, wanted to ride over it, getting off the beaten track – then discovered that was called Freeride!! Joy ! Bought THE rig, dumped the XC bike. Needed to learn the Techniques.

First you try yourself don’t you…..big mistake!!!! Then you look for tuition, expecting it to be as easy as finding a SnowBoard instructor….no chance in the UK!! Then you realise no one has broken down what skills you need and then broken each skill down into a step-by-step technique to achieve that skill – just like say, SnowBoarding!!!! Got a CERTAIN video which claimed to do this – rubbish !

Then saw DIRT mag recommending your book last year – so bought it. After 6 months of my bike being ‘STUCK’ to the ground, followed your pics and descriptions (good staged detail) and GOT AIR – god I was like a kid again, I’m obsessed!! 6 months after getting your book and many hours in my local forest later…I’ve cleared an 11ft 2inch distance jump and got up to a 3ft drop (this WILL get bigger!!) – god I love it. Now have 3 bikes for different disciplines and I’M ON IT all the time.

The book is great. Keep evolving it! EVEN more detail. Do a video…anything, this is what the sport needs!

Excellent thanks, Carl (UK)

PS: I wish I’d discovered your website ages ago ! The Q&A’s are really useful. The bit on dirt jumping (with the graphs about ramp angle/speed = distance and height) answers so many questions about my experience to date. Fantastic!

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