Tires for Sea Otter DS?

Hey Lee. What tires would you recommend for the dual slalom course at Sea Otter? I’m using a pair of Maxxis High Rollers in a 2.3. I was using these at Sand Hill this weekend and when I started to braap; I was losing traction in the rear a little bit. I was running about 40psi and the course was hardpacked and a bit dry. I know the soil will be different in Monterey. What do you think?

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Racing vs. long trail ride?

Hey Lee
so spring break is coming up, signalling the end of winter’s deathgrip on the high sierra’s of lake tahoe and high schools around the globe. ive been presented with two great opportunities, one to ride the white rim trail, or to race in the Junior beginner/sport class at Sea Otter in superD and XC.

ive never done a formal mountain bike race before but im super stoked on the idea, and ive qualified for the Nordic Junior Olympics so ive got the base fitness needed to not die in the XC events. on the other hand, ive heard tyhe white rim is spectacular ride and im really interested in that. I’m torn Lee, in your opinion which one is better?

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Spreading The Love?


There has been a lot of talk about Sea Otter lately, and I know many of us are going to race. I noticed last year there were a couple of people who put ‘’ as their sponsor.

Do you mind us doing this? I know we may not be ‘sponsored’ by you, but perhaps we all can help spread The Love. It is the least we could do after you have answered our questions, written us books and taught us to be better riders.

I might go down and help man a booth for a friend, but I may just race the XC as I hear the course is beautiful and otherwise closed to the public. But don’t expect a podium from me, I am going to wait until the pack has sprinted away and then give the fun bits of the course a good braappping!

What say you Lee? What say you all?


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Dual slalom racing: Am I worthy?

I am interested in competing in a beginner’s dual slalom event (possibly Sea Otter). The problem is that I have never ridden a dual slalom course and don’t want to irritate fellow competitors or organizers if I should not be there. I enjoy dirt jumping, moderate drops, and light free riding. I have never competed in a race or seen what the level of rider a beginner should be. Barring the possibility to ride a DS course, do you have any benchmarks that would indicate that I could participate appropriately enough to not make an ass of myself?
Thanks, Mauricus

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License question: Australian racing in Colorado

Hi Lee,

I’m coming from Australia to ride and race in CO in May. I’d quite like to race the Chalk Creek Stampede. Am I able to get a temporary license or will I need to have an international license at the time?
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Off season 4X training

Rob is a snowbound thirty-plus 4X racer, and he’s looking for some 4X training advice. In a nutshell: Consider the essential components. Mix them up to suit your lifestyle.

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What’s up with the Sea Otter Super D?

Everyone who’s anyone wants to know: Is this year’s Super D gonna suck Lycra?
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Blown out: Pikes Peak BMX

Regarding Saturday’s BMX race in Colorado Springs, I was … SO … DANG … EXCITED!!! But alas …

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It’s on at Pikes Peak BMX

Racing starts this Saturday in Colorado Springs. Thank goodness — I’m freaking out over here!

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Rocking one bike for all Sea Otter events?

Hey Lee,
First time caller- long time listener. You’re the only rider I know of who rocks all the disciplines for these questions, so here it goes. I have my ’06 Reign 1 set up for Super D but want to also try downhill and 4x at Sea Otter this year. I’m thinking about swapping the 36 Talas with something longer and plusher for the DH but what about the 4x? My only other ride is a XC hardtail with a 71.5 head tube angle. I have a shorty stem for it but would prefer a slacker frame. Is there any way to setup the RP3 on the Reign to at least try 4x? Thanks for your time.
Oso Negro

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Vet Pro: yippee!

For 2008 Mountain States Cup has added a Vet Pro/Am class. Anyone 35 or older can race this category, and I am stoked. Here’s why:

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From the archive: Big Bear national ’04

Originally posted Posted May 26, 2004 — Back when we raced gravity events at Big Bear (and I had time to do massive posts like this one. Tons of photos!).

Oh, Big Bear. El Oso Grande. The Jewel of SoCal Mountains. Womb of the SoCal downhill scene. One of the oldest, best-run venues in mountainbikingdom. Great things have a way of happening here, and this year was right on target.

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