Preparing for the XC Indoor Challenge at Ray’s Indoor MTB Park

hey lee-

i am super lucky and super psyched. i’ve been invited to do an indoor mtb timetrial at ray’s indoor bike park in ohio.
2009 Tri-Flow XC Indoor Challenge at Ray’s Indoor MTB Park

was wondering if you’ve ever ridden there and if you have any advice. i’m racing my hardtail which i feel pretty good on. per the website, the course sounds like mostly xc riding and 2 technical lines. don’t know what you could say, but thought i’d ask. i’m reviewing mastering mountain bike skills by some guy l. mccormack as we speak.;)


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tough girl cycling team

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The season leaves

This experimental MTB poetry was first posted Oct. 6, 2004, at the end of my last full-bore race season.

Read it at your own peril. I make no apologies!

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New racing classes: What about the fast vets?

Hey Lee,
Just curious on your feelings about the change to international Cat. System of classes (or whatever it is officially called) that they are going to for 2009? I agree to have an international standard, but do you think it may take a few years to level out?

I’m an Expert that was jumping to Semi-pro for 09 but no way ready for the big boys and at 36 don’t see having the time to make it there. So dominate the Ex class forever? Doesn’t seem fair, but the big boys are just in another league. I take it your going Pro?

It sounds like you have the choice to own the Cat 1 experts or go Pro? I just hope local folks like Southridge keep the Vet Pro classes for this “in-betweener.”

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Intergalactic Pump Track Championships

Last weekend’s SolVista Mountain States Cup had cross country, downhill and dual slalom, but Saturday afternoon was all about the pump track.

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SolVista dual slalom

Yesterday’s Mountain States Cup dual slalom at SolVista Bike Park was super duper fun.

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Can Sand Hill Ranch be saved?

Hey Lee

I have just recently heard that the good folks at sandhill ranch might be considering shutting down the bike section because of unknown reasons. I personally consider this a horrible thing to happen. If I had the opportunity to help them keep the area open or help maintain the park, I would.

Can you PLEASE help me rally the braaapers and help please keep this wonderful area open.. What forums can I write to? Who can I motivate to help? Can IMBA help us? If you have any suggestions can you please send it our way? I’m deeply worried. If it was a matter of money I would pay double what they charge. If its a matter of up keep, I would volunteer. thoughts? Your expertise and knowledge is valued and respected. Please help me keep this heaven open.


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Lopes rocks his Ibis hardtail

Brian just raced a prototype Ibis hardtail in a 4X in Poland, and he sure made it work. Here’s the press release from his wife Paula:

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Tips for 4X racing


I’m starting 4X and would like some tips. Like start technique, general technique, specific technique. ( I like technique.)


Thanks, Michael (technique) McClean

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The great BMX odyssey of 2008: Race 2

The mission continues, and last week’s results were mixed.

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Sea Otter success story

While I was in Colorado working, taking care of family and racing BMX, the Lee Likes Bikes legions were kicking butt at the Otter. Here’s a fine example:

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The great BMX odyssey of 2008: Day 1

As some of you know, I’m busy working on the definitive BMX how-to book. It’s coming along well, and I’m learning a lot from some of the best racers in the sport.

The way I see it, if I’m gonna write about BMX, I should RACE BMX! So …

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New to town: Chalk Creek 4X action

Originally posted March 31, 2004. I had just moved to Colorado, and this event blew me away. I’ve been racing and teaching at Darner’s ranch for going on four years now, and it’s even better now.

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