4X in CO?

Hey Lee,
Great site ya got! Hey I’ve been out of serious bike stuff (just playing at the BMX tracks and skateparks with the kiddos) for awhile. Anyway, I’m trying to find more info on 4X for ’08, like is there a series in CO and if so, where?
Thanks, Eric

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Trying the Sea Otter Super D

Hello Lee,

I am planning to participate in my first Super D race this spring. Actually, that would be my first bike race ever – although I do “compete” in club road rides, and have done mass-start rides, I’ve never been to a real race. I am 31 y.o. and I have a trail bike, for what it worth.

So here is my question: what would be the best event for a complete and utter (but motivated) beginner to attend?
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Racing 4X with one gear?

Hi Lee, i was wondering if it’s possible to race 4X with a single speed bike and be successful with racing? Let me know what you think.
Thanks, Cameron

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So you wanna race 4X?

Some of you are thinking, “4X racing looks fun. I think I’ll give it a try.” Here’s what you should know.

(I wrote this story in August 2005.)

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