Sea Otter success story

While I was in Colorado working, taking care of family and racing BMX, the Lee Likes Bikes legions were kicking butt at the Otter. Here’s a fine example:

Hey Lee,

I just wanted to say thanks. Reading your book, advice on your website and learning to work the pump track took me to a second place in Sport Dual Slalom at Sea Otter. It was only the second time I had ever raced anything like it.

Your info took a pretty good trail rider to pretty good course rider. Thanks so much, I could not have done it without your valuable info.

BTW, I was down 1.07s on Finals run, and I finally let it go. I looked to the gate ahead while drove those tires into the ground around the gate I was at and let the tires and suspension do what they were supposed to do. It was very fast, flowy magic. I had 3 bike lengths by the first turn – but I came out of my clipless pedal on the next step-up and lost my time trying to find the pedal in the next berm. Oh well. Good times. Gotta find the magic flow again!


Patrick Cavender

Yeah Patrick!

That is awesome — Sport at Sea Otter DS is serious business! Oh man, I can feel that course right now … braaap!!!

Flow (with a capital F) isn’t magic. It’s the confluence of pressure, desire and skill. Keep working your program, and you’ll Flow more and more often.

Yeah stoked!

— Lee

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