Blown out: Pikes Peak BMX

Regarding Saturday’s BMX race in Colorado Springs, I was … SO … DANG … EXCITED!!! But alas …

– It was horrifically windy. So windy that trucks were tipping over on I-25. So windy almost nobody showed up. So windy you had to pedal down the start ramp. So windy that even Ross Milan wan’t jumping anything on the first straight. So windy they cancelled the race.

– We were there, so a few of us sessioned the last, wind-aided straight. It went roller, table, roller, roller, camel hump, roller, roller. That left plenty of room for interpretation, and we had a fun 90 minutes or so before we packed up and headed home.

– Goggles would have been a good idea. I’m still digging sand out of my eyes.

– Note to self: Next time I drive 2+ hours to a BMX track, I’ll check the weather report first.

I wonder how the tracks in Longmont and Dacono are looking? …

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  1. chris says:

    Hey I’m getting ready to be stationed at Ft. Carson and was wondering where abouts this track is at. and is it worth using a 4x bike on?

  2. Zak says:

    I was out at Dacono a week or so before Thanksgiving and they had just redone the whole track, but it wasn’t done yet and was still really rough/loose and not much fun to ride. It looked like it had potential, similar layout but a couple slightly bigger jumps, a more interesting rhythm section and they added a full fourth straight.

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