Supersweet: Mid ’90s GT Cruiser

My friend Robyn found out I was looking for a BMX cruiser, and he set me up with this beauty. Too cool.

The bike: This mid ’90s GT Cruiser has a nice, authentic build. Redline Flight cranks, GT wheels, Tioga Comp 3 tires, chrome everywhere.

The benefactor: Robyn Markland is a successful businessman in the areas of exotic reptiles and temperature-sensing guns. He is a total bike nut and a vintage BMX collector.

The ride:

– I haven’t owned a BMX bike in over 10 years. Right away I went for a bunny hop, and — WHACK! — I slipped a pedal and smacked my shin. Oh yeah, the timing is different than a mountain bike …

– Compared with new cruisers, this bike has a slacker head angle (more stable) and longer stays (more stable but harder to manual). I love the slackness. Gotta get used to the long rear end.

– It’s amazing how responsive this bike is. Even compared to my P.3, which is no sled.

– On Saturday I had fun messing around on the final rhythm at the Pikes Peak BMX track. It took me a while to get the manuals between the rollers, but — wow — they felt great.

– The bars are low for my taste. Gonna work on that.

Looking forward to pump track, dirt jump, urban, park and even the local road climbs. Stay tuned …


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  1. John Hauer says:

    Hey Lee,
    Next time your out in cali we can go to weir’s and break out the bmx bikes.. I got a 1987 PK ripper waiting to be unleashed in his back yard.

  2. Keith says:


    I had the same bike back in the mid 90’s. Except mine had a suspension fork. I had not raced BMX for about 11 or 12 year and decided to get back into it. I saw the bike at a local shop and saw my childhood dream. My first trip to the local track the ass parked next to me burst my bubble and let me know how lame the bike was. (Suspension fork, Not Cool, Clipless Pedals Not Cool Either, only Lopes and King were riding clipless at the time). Lucky for me Mr. Abusive was in my class. After much more abuse for this dude about not jumping the first straight double during practice, lack of research regarding BMX bikes and couple of commits about not hurting myself, it was race time… Somehow I made it to main. Main Event Time! Needless to say my gates sucked, came out last but, I made up for it down the first straight with raw power and reckless abandon, I nailed the first straight double, took someone out in the first turn, unintentional, gained more ground on the riders in front of me, pumped the rhythm section, and made a sweet low high move in the last turn which happened to collect the lead rider, my abusive friend, and two other riders standing between me and victory… Last straight just kept it together, even on a cruiser 11 years removed from riding a BMX bike I was pretty squirrelly, and rode to Victory.

    I was pretty stoked, my wife however didn’t understand BMX racing and contact being part of racing. According to her, she was embarrassed that I crashed into All the other riders. My two step-sons thought it was the coolest thing ever and asked when they could start racing. Not sure, what ever happened to Mr. Abusive, I think after I consistently kicked his ass he retired. As for me 12 years later, I am still riding and racing.

    You should look at the S&M Cruiser bars I think they have a 5”-6” inch rise, your current bars look like 3”-4”. Also that look like a big gear, I run 39 x 17 or 41 x 18.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Nice work Keith!

    I’m rocking a 44 x 20, which is a bit easier than your gears.

    DUDE: After seeing me ride their bikes, two AA pros told me to gear down and concentrate on spinning. I think that’s their polite way of saying I’m weak!

    This weekend Evan Danger Powell and I plan to ride up Mt. Flagstaff on our BMXers … this should be suitably dumb.

  4. brent says:

    Nice bike! Robyn showed me your new ride a couple of weeks ago. Have you had a chance to ride his pump track yet? Good times.

  5. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks Brent. No on the pump. Too much snow/slush/ice/water/mud. But the track looks great!

  6. mike says:

    Sweet Ride !
    Brings back memories for me also. I raced GT’s back in the early 80’s and then went on to MTN bikes. I bought a S&M cruiser (it had the longest top tube I could find)all pimped out last summer and rode it on my pump track. Very different and somewhat difficult to get used to again.

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