Supersweet: Mid ’90s GT Cruiser

My friend Robyn found out I was looking for a BMX cruiser, and he set me up with this beauty. Too cool.

The bike: This mid ’90s GT Cruiser has a nice, authentic build. Redline Flight cranks, GT wheels, Tioga Comp 3 tires, chrome everywhere.

The benefactor: Robyn Markland is a successful businessman in the areas of exotic reptiles and temperature-sensing guns. He is a total bike nut and a vintage BMX collector.

The ride:

– I haven’t owned a BMX bike in over 10 years. Right away I went for a bunny hop, and — WHACK! — I slipped a pedal and smacked my shin. Oh yeah, the timing is different than a mountain bike …

– Compared with new cruisers, this bike has a slacker head angle (more stable) and longer stays (more stable but harder to manual). I love the slackness. Gotta get used to the long rear end.

– It’s amazing how responsive this bike is. Even compared to my P.3, which is no sled.

– On Saturday I had fun messing around on the final rhythm at the Pikes Peak BMX track. It took me a while to get the manuals between the rollers, but — wow — they felt great.

– The bars are low for my taste. Gonna work on that.

Looking forward to pump track, dirt jump, urban, park and even the local road climbs. Stay tuned …


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