Spreading The Love?


There has been a lot of talk about Sea Otter lately, and I know many of us are going to race. I noticed last year there were a couple of people who put ‘leelikesbikes.com’ as their sponsor.

Do you mind us doing this? I know we may not be ‘sponsored’ by you, but perhaps we all can help spread The Love. It is the least we could do after you have answered our questions, written us books and taught us to be better riders.

I might go down and help man a booth for a friend, but I may just race the XC as I hear the course is beautiful and otherwise closed to the public. But don’t expect a podium from me, I am going to wait until the pack has sprinted away and then give the fun bits of the course a good braappping!

What say you Lee? What say you all?


Hey Chris,

Wow. I would never ask you guys to do that, but it would be rad! I would really appreciate it.

Send me a photo of your results sheet, and I’ll post your result. That’ll help your Google ranking. Chicks dig that.

The Sea Otter XC has some truly braaapable sections. Go get some!

— Lee

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