LOPES and IBIS are going for a ride.

From brianlopes.com

LAGUNA BEACH, CA, Tues. Feb. 26, 2008:

Over the fall and winter months the number one inquiry Brian Lopes has been receiving from fans, industry mags and mountain bike enthusiasts alike has been; “What bike will you be riding for 2008?”

With over 30 plus years of experience combined in racing, riding and product development, Brian has built a solid reputation and insists on riding nothing but the best products available. So naturally this was a question that he took very seriously!

After talks with several potential bike partners, his search lead him to Ibis Cycles. This storied boutique brand has a long heritage dating back to the beginnings of modern mountain biking. Ibis was founded by Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee Scot (A.K.A. “Chuck Ibis”) Nicol. Most recently Ibis is best known for their gorgeous sculptural carbon fiber frames and integration of the infamous “dw-link” into its Mojo Carbon and Mojo SL mountain bikes. if you have been fortunate enough to ride one, you probably have been converted into an IBIS fan too.

Brian and Ibis will be working together in the coming years to develop lots of new Ibis products and to attract a much wider audience to the Ibis brand.

” I’m thrilled to be riding what in my opinion is the best looking and best riding bike on the market. I personally tested numerous bikes and the Ibis Mojo has won hands down as the best all-around machine. Which was the main driver for my decision, shortly followed by the the like-ability of the Ibis owners, their future products, heritage and long-term commitment and vision to make the ultimate working bikes in the market. To me it was a perfect fit.” current World Cup Champion Brian Lopes

This is what Scot Nicol from Ibis had to say:

“Ibis’ collaboration with Brian Lopes is all about eyes and ears. There are a lot of riders who still don’t know who or what Ibis is all about. I want them to hear what Brian has to say about the Mojo. I want them to see what Brian can do on our bikes, and once and for all end any speculation about whether or not carbon fiber is strong enough for a mountain bike. Brian’s credibility and endorsement of Ibis will cause a lot of new customers to take a look at the Mojo for its functional beauty, the dw-link’s plush efficiency and the durable lightweight performance of the Mojo’s monocoque carbon fiber frame.” Ibis’ Scot Nicol

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